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A pot of wine among watermelon fields.So…The life of watermelons and grapes?瓜间一壶酒,西瓜和葡萄的一生?丨Liziqi

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You reap what you’ve sown. You plant grapes, and it’s the grapes that you get.
Having eaten the watermelon, don’t discard the rind!
Make it into pickles, cold dishes, and savories in soy sauce.
Last year I dug these grape seedlings from my relatives’ yard, And this is the first time they bear fruits.
The harvest is quite modest, but enough to brew a pot of wine..
Eat well, drink well, and it’s yet another full day.
(Warning: Brewing at home is dangerous. Don’t try it.)
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One can't be too careful. Ziqi's gentle reminder:home brewing can be dangerous. Wrong containers or substandard oepration may produce excess gas, which leads to explosion. And your home brew can be infected and toxic too. Don't try it if you are not an expert.

by 李子柒 Liziqi 2 hours ago

- Wait, I'm watching this video because it's trending
- Always has been

by MrCrazy 2 hours ago

Боже сколько вложено труда в каждом видео!

by Making ASMR 1 hour ago

I love when she ran through the grapevine trellis she made! Such a cute moment 🥰🥰

by Abigail Nguyen 3 hours ago

When she marries we better see footage of the day they met and how they have grown together. Just like all her plants.

by SaltedwithFire 22 minutes ago

Even with all the crazy stuff that’s happen so far this year, You make the world seem a little less chaotic & more soothing, calming & gentle.

Thank you!

by Jessica Caberra 3 hours ago

Does anyone miss the little lamb that would follow her around the whole day?
no? just me? okay!

by Aakanksha K 2 hours ago

Is there anything that Li Ziqi cant do? and the adorable grandma. love them.

by Shraddha Waigaonkar 3 hours ago

I just admire the hard work and patience. I'm learning a lot.

by Sagemaster Grasie 4 hours ago

I want to move in, I'll pay rent even if it's a piece of the floor. LOL

by Mike Ruiz 3 hours ago

that looked like DHGate delivery service.. neat.

by Similak Child 4 hours ago

That's wonderful.. I never thought watermelon peels could be made ingredients like that. I should try it one of these days, Insha Allah

Your visitor loves mukbang though 😅

by Mariam Donding-Chio 2 hours ago

Lately I was busy doing home renovations, and feeling very tired. Seeing you do so much work everyday and enjoy it, gives me inspiration.
Thank you ziqi, you show me there are so many things one can complish.

by JIN Ginny 2 hours ago

I want to move in, I'll pay rent even if it's a piece of the floor. LOL

by 김정은 Kim Jong-un 50 minutes ago

தமிழ் மக்கள் யாராவது இருந்தால் ஒரு லைக் போட்டுப்போங்க👍😍

by Anbu Thirumagal 3 hours ago

I hope you know this not only helps my anxiety and depression but also inspires me to garden and take on tasks i wouldn't have before ♡

by Miss Quinn 1 hour ago

always looking forward to seeing your adventures. my most favorite part of each video is you loving on your grandma 🥰 God bless you all 🙏🏼

by Alicia Crosby 4 hours ago

So I read an article about her, her parents divorced when she was very young, then she went to live with her grandparents in the rural area. When she grow up, she tried various job at the city.. once upon a time, she got a call that her grandma was sick so she left everything and cameback to hometown to take care of her nana. She was inspired by her brother who uploads singing videos on Meipai (Chinese social media) and thinking that she could do one of that too. Over the years through trials and errors she was able to build her channel.
After learning this about her, I was really impressed. All i can say is, she is truly a hard working person and never leaves her family. We all should be inspired !

Ps: All that woodworking and cooking skill she learned from her grandpa. Apart from this channel, I heard that she is also a bussineess woman 😍
I am Father of Beautiful Woman in the World

by 吴多威 – World's Father of Beautiful Woman 43 minutes ago

so happy to see the cameraman get invited hihi <3

by Rinnia 1 hour ago

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