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You wouldn’t expect that today’s video is called "The Life of Potato"! 你们都没想到这期的视频标题会叫“土豆的一生”吧!

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Anyway, who doesn’t like potatoes?
A potato is cut into chunks and buried in the earth, and each chunk produces many full ones!
Each small potato is then turned into pork ribs with potatoes, hot and sour potato noodles, mashed potato, potato chips, etc.
Are there any other potato recipes from your hometown?
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李子柒 Liziqi photo 1 You wouldn’t expect that today’s... 李子柒 Liziqi photo 2 You wouldn’t expect that today’s... 李子柒 Liziqi photo 3 You wouldn’t expect that today’s... 李子柒 Liziqi photo 4 You wouldn’t expect that today’s...

I'm feeling sorry for those who haven't found her channel yet.

by Rama Emad 3 weeks ago

I am Japanese, but our life used to be like this. Here is the world I heard from my grandparents. But the first time to see.
Thank and respect the culture that came from China. It is the basis of our lives.
I think everything is beautiful.

by あし 1 week ago

There is not a single person in this feed that she doesn't make feel inferior to what they have or have not done with their lives. lol

by Paloma Ortiz 3 days ago

Liziqi : Cuts thin slices of potatoes like a pro
Me : takes minimum half an hour to chop one of them.

by Sridevi Gutta 6 days ago

I'm in love with her garden, has every vegetable

by unknown army 6 days ago

after the covid19 i decided i will move back to my home country n living with my 90yrs old Grammy. i was raised by her n showered with her love. we lived at the similar environment but im not talented like you. but i will make sure she tastes my cooking every day!

by Anson Fox 3 weeks ago

i think she’s a better chef than gordon ramsay

edit: I am NOT TRYING TO OFFEND ANYONE it is just my point of view

by Kris Chan 1 week ago

She’s so talented. I’m seriously impressed. How I wish one day I could cook like that... And look at all those bruises near her knee.

by Helen 0912 5 days ago

I love how she takes care of her grandmother.

by lane owen 2 days ago

I hate my Chinese teacher for giving so much homework but I now like her for introducing me this channel

by Candyyy 1 week ago

a few months ago I showed this channel to my chinese mother who hasn’t been back to her country since she was forced to flee in the 70s. she became pretty obsessed as I think it reminds her a bit of the life she left behind as a kid. she even got me to make her a youtube channel and help her subscribe! every day now she’s in the garden growing new things, and i think it makes her really happy so I just wanted to say thank you liziqi!

by Bou Bou 3 weeks ago

I'm a potato but I'm didn't live like this

by HalfOfPotato 5 days ago

"The Life of Potato"

Didn't know they had a biopic of me

by P atrick 5 days ago

Lol, I just did that to my little garden. The potatoes are growing well right now.

by Lin BlueGinger 1 week ago

did anybody notice, that her finger injured ?

by alec bong 6 days ago

In today’s world of pandemic and chaos, I am sure that her home is the most peaceful place on earth.

by Ashish Singh 3 weeks ago

She seems to be out of this world! How can somebody living in a place that has a really cold season have so many fruit, flowers and vegetables most of the time? Even mirlinton or chayote! Or it is that an artist, who she really is, a real artist, is able to plant all that food and flowers just on time to flower and give fruit before the cold season starts! ! Really amazing!!!

by Jazs and ari 4 days ago

Her grandma ❤️ is the mostt cutest ever...her laugh arghh hahaha🙂💖

by John Carlo A. Uminga 3 days ago

I always feel warm whenever the grandma pops up in the vid. Oddly enough, Seeing her laugh makes me happy

by Meep- Moop 1 week ago

I just love this ♥️ the food looks delicious. She’s beautiful and so hardworking 😊

by Lucy M 1 week ago

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