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선미 (SUNMI) - 보라빛 밤 (pporappippam) Music Video

선미 SUNMI photo 1 선미 (SUNMI) - 보라빛 밤... 선미 SUNMI photo 2 선미 (SUNMI) - 보라빛 밤... 선미 SUNMI photo 3 선미 (SUNMI) - 보라빛 밤... 선미 SUNMI photo 4 선미 (SUNMI) - 보라빛 밤...

She doesn't follow the trends, the trends follow her periodttttttttt.

by Aurora Park 6 hours ago

It feels like everyone is having a comeback this month lol

by Amari Chandler 5 hours ago

The reason why sunmi keeps on flourishing and loved by everyone and doesn’t necessarily have a big fanbase but everyone listens to her songs is bc she always challenges herself and she brings out different things always. Love her

by Stan Kim Jisoo 4 hours ago

Sunmi's music is always SO Sunmi like she's the only one that does what she does she's amazing

by Helo Weez 3 hours ago

This woman knows how to surprise me even more what a talented artist, sendhelp

by Natalia Depp 6 hours ago

Sunmi looks like a fairy in the White dress

by Aya Riadi 3 hours ago

this is like if “Noir” and “Siren” had a baby and I’m living for the vibes 💜

by moonch1ld 3 hours ago

Did y'all know that Sunmi designed the outfits she's wearing herself with the help of her designer friend Kevin Germanier?

Is there anything this woman CAN'T do?

...oh right, she can't release a a bad song. 😎

by Sunmi is art 5 hours ago

sunmi's flavor of laid back nostalgic pop puts me in such a good mood. songs like heroine, siren and now pporappippam are heaven in sound format. and when the mv serves the perfect aesthetic to go with it? honestly couldn't ask for more.

by Martin Amarilla 6 hours ago

The beginning sounds like a Pokemon intro and I’m loving it

by Koi Chim 6 hours ago


by ;; angel dust 3 hours ago

I love the vibe, I love everything about this song!!!

by Soumaya jp 3 hours ago

No One:
Literally No One:
Sunmi: I‘m just gonna slay even after thirteen years of debut

by More & More 2 hours ago

Sunmi never release a bad song, periodt.

by u p - o n 2 hours ago

Finally a chorus with vocals and not just random music, (not that SUNMI does that, im talking in general)

by cl air 3 hours ago

I swear SUNMI's music and music videos never disappoint, she's an ICON

by FuturisticJosh 2 hours ago

Wait a minute. All these damn comebacks. I can’t take it

by DiDi DiDi 5 hours ago

Who is her’s/his’s best solo artist singer is sunmi ? Me just me

by I Sowon 1 hour ago

When an artist only focuses on releasing great work instead of following trends or become popular, with time their work becomes a legacy. That's what Sunmi's doing.

Fact: she wrote the song and also helped with the production...🤩

by Eric R.P. 2 hours ago

I like how her songs don’t sound the same and yet you can still tell it’s her style; sounds so refreshing to hear.

by Noir Nyx 3 hours ago

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