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[IU TV] 아이유 분노의 쇼핑

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[IU TV] IU's rage of online Shopping
[IU TV] 아이유 분노의 쇼핑
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이지금 [IU Official] photo 1 [IU TV] 아이유 분노의 쇼핑 이지금 [IU Official] photo 2 [IU TV] 아이유 분노의 쇼핑 이지금 [IU Official] photo 3 [IU TV] 아이유 분노의 쇼핑 이지금 [IU Official] photo 4 [IU TV] 아이유 분노의 쇼핑

No one:
Literally No one:

A random person made this no one: literally no one: thing!😂

by I LOVE BTS 2 weeks ago

She has the same way of speaking of bts jin when she is arguing 😂😂😂😂😂😂
I love the way she says magic cushion

by Uhachiji Uhachiji 2 weeks ago

Even without being on Hotel del luna she still yells XD but its funny

by Jazmin Raukete 2 weeks ago

I wanna buy the hoodie, but it's sold out. 😂

by Aria Kate. 2 weeks ago

"I'm the biggest fan of IU" 😂😍

by carwhj 1 week ago

이담 이놈들 장사할 생각이 없네..
아티스트가 직접 언급했는데도 하루가 지났는데 구매불가 그대로네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
피드백 반영이 겁나 느리구먼..

by 몽쉘 2 weeks ago

Finally lee jieun help me to voice out the demand of hoodie! Because I can’t purchase it also😭

by ashlyn leong 2 weeks ago

The fact that she had problems buying her own merch says it all haha

Jang Man Weol mode activated hahaha

by I R I S H 1 week ago

Manager: I forgot the password
IU: Arrest this guy, he's suspicious

4 minutes later

IU: *makes a login with Hanteo's name*

by gummybearmonster01 2 days ago

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I see Jang Manwol in her suddenly when she blasted on the SOLD OUT merchandise... Lollll She put herself in the shoes of a fan(buyer)... Awww her reaction is exactly the same! So she understands how difficult being a fan... Keke.. So cute! Whether Manwol or IU, she is the best! 💜

by a_rabbit08 1 week ago

IU: watching the video of herself

by Redy Pajero 2 weeks ago

우리 아이유님 광고하는건 다 구매했어요 아파트광고만 하지말아주세요. 그건 조금 힘들어요

by 이동준 1 week ago

When she’s buying the album: Man Weol switch on

by Stxrdust Moon 2 weeks ago

한국인특:이많은 영어댓글중 한글찾고있음

by 김철형 2 weeks ago

lmaooo I can't stop laughing at how she wrote Hanteo and his real email

by Jieun's Wife 2 weeks ago

I'm literally laughing throughout this video. She's so funny 😂

by Eileen 2 weeks ago

You'll probably never see this message, but... Dear IU, thank you for being you. Thank you for making music. Your songs helped me through many hardships in my life. You make my days a little bit easier to deal with, so I'm really grateful. I wish you the best of the best. You are an amazing person and artist.

by Ocean Bunny 2 weeks ago

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