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[MV] Hwa Sa(화사) _ TWIT(멍청이)

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[MV] Hwa Sa(화사) _ TWIT(멍청이)
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Hwa Sa’s solo debut song “TWIT” catches the eyes and ears of the listeners with her dreamlike and even mysterious and sophisticated charms rather than her existing sexy or familiar image. With the addictive melodies and Hwa Sa’s signature attractive voice, the singer exudes her unique Aura by showing the understated charisma..
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1theK (원더케이) photo 1 [MV] Hwa Sa(화사) _ TWIT(멍청이) 1theK (원더케이) photo 2 [MV] Hwa Sa(화사) _ TWIT(멍청이) 1theK (원더케이) photo 3 [MV] Hwa Sa(화사) _ TWIT(멍청이) 1theK (원더케이) photo 4 [MV] Hwa Sa(화사) _ TWIT(멍청이)

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Hwasa: I don't like it
Nobody likes it

by Nayun's rug 2 months ago

The only thing I regret about stanning Hwasa is that I didn't do it earlier....

Edit: I never got this much likes....thank you moomoos love you....

by a multistan 1 month ago

Friend: I hate Korean's, they looked like trying to be cute. And none of them sexy.

Me: so you don't know Hwasa?

by Taerinne태린 4 weeks ago

She’s going to be a hit in America she has a western appeal and aesthetic

by Codi Maddox 3 weeks ago

she doesn't fit in korean beauty standard but she fits in her own beauty standard.

by SNSD OT9 FOREVER 1 year ago

For people who say Hwasa doesn’t meet Korean standards:
Bish she created her own standards!

by Emm Benford 2 days ago

this girl doesn't deserve the hate I swear she's gorgeous

by Meetje vT 3 days ago

Who's here after her new song Maria? Everyone go streamm

by sarah papa 1 day ago


by A twerking cat 4 weeks ago

"If i dont fit into this generations beauty standard, I'll have to become a different standard"


by dina z 2 months ago

some people say that she’s not even pretty so why stan her and me was like “ dude no! that’s the Queen! we call that person a “Queen” and every inch of her is perfect and has unique talent that will make y’all fall for her so stfu and stan her”

I can’t help but to show off mamamoo’s unique and real talents. I should have stan them/known them earlier

by I'm Lonely 17 hours ago

The queen wrapping herself means that even she knows she is a complete snack!

by nchandrasegaram 3 days ago

I'm a fan of her now 😍
Visual: perfect
Singing skill: perfect
Dancing skill: perfect
Fashion: perfect

by Pierre Hairenn 3 weeks ago

I bet you're here after knowing that Hwasa will be having late June comeback

by Bicho Malo 4 weeks ago

people are out here calling her fat when she isn’t even fat, she’s just curvy and thick?? plus that’s actually considered a lot healthier ✊🏼

by miki 6 months ago

I really don't understand why people hate her.SHE IS A QUEEN.PERIODT.

by Renee. Kezya 1 month ago

Can't wait for the comment:"Who is here after Maria ?"

by Tuan Nguyen 1 day ago

if Hwasa doesn't like it, then we don't like it either PeriodT

by Park_ Hania 1 week ago

Imma b honest here. This song deserves to be the most viewed solo song.

by Ariz Ariz 2 weeks ago

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