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42 Dugg - World On My Shoulder (Official Video)

#42 Dugg #Music
Listen to the album "Young & Turnt 2". Out now!
Stream: https://empire.ffm.to/youngandturnt2.oyd
#42Dugg #WorldOnMyShoulder #4PF
Official music video by 42 Dugg - World On My Shoulder © 2020 4PF/CMG

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The whistle is so legendary 😬🔥🔥🔥

by David Toto 2 weeks ago

Whoever like this os going to be a millionaire

by iamXkgKxsh 2 weeks ago

If you're reading this you will be succesful in the future

by Juan Luis 2 weeks ago

you know he finna go hard when you hear dat whistle

by Marlo Mike 2 weeks ago

“I let it die down but in my heart I’m still gone kill’em “🤯

by Hell Rell 2 weeks ago

“When YouTube don’t wanna put 42Dugg on trending”

by Prod. shx 2 weeks ago

use this as a make dugg taller button

by malevxlent 2 weeks ago

“Momma said I gotta make it home before the curfew”... So relevant with what’s going on today.

by Asa Francis 2 weeks ago

“Cuz was a killa, he got 2 sons in college”

by Mr. DowNutt 1 week ago

Y’all taking bout the whistle legendary but listen to this man’s lyrics 🔥

by Its Business 1 day ago

Whoever’s reading this I hope God blesses you and all of your dreams come true💫

My dream is to be a successful YouTuber & investor💪🏽

by TrapoutDee 2 weeks ago

he needa make some more 🔥 w lil baby fr🙅🏻‍♂️

by zemencer 10k 2 weeks ago

Shit fye but should be longer man

by Wayne YT 2 weeks ago

"God is real.
God loves you.
God wants the best for you.
Believe that.
I do."

Chris Pratt

by Tithanhobit 2 weeks ago

When you mix tee grizzly,Kodak black and gunna together

by American Muscle 2 weeks ago

Tiktok ruins the whistle fr tho 🤦‍♀️petition to delete that doodoo app ?

by Strip4Ace 2 days ago

Never catch me in my feelins just white loubs and designer

by Tyrant 4 days ago

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