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✅ "Black-ish" star Marsai Martin has more to worry about than the way she looks.

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✍  In the video, the starlet feigns opening an envelope as she would have done had the awards been live and in person, noting she had "the winner in her head." JOHN WAYNE'S SON RESPONDS TO RESOLUTION CALLING FOR JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT TO BE RENAMED Twitter users criticized Martin's look for the evening, particularly her hair and teeth, saying she made a "poor wig choice for a young lady" and accusing her of using veneers. Unafraid to address the situation, Martin took to Instagram to shut her critics down in a cheeky video. "So, I was on Twitter and a lot of people have been addressing my hair, talking about my hair and how it looks like a grandma's wig," she began, tugging on her hair to prove it's not a wig as she seemingly held back tears. "And they're talking about my veneers." COLIN KAEPERNICK AND AVA DUVERNAY ANNOUNCE NEW NETFLIX SERIES ABOUT FOOTBALL PLAYER'S LIFE The actress pulled out her invisible braces, explaining that they "don't look like a veneer" before apologizing to "offend ...

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