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✅ Donald Trump’s panicked aides couldn’t delete ‘white power’ tweet because he was golfing

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✍ Donald Trump’s panicked aides spent three hours trying to contact him to ask him to delete his ‘white power’ retweet while he enjoyed a game of golf (Pictures: Twitter/AFP) Donald Trump’s frantic aides couldn’t get hold of him to tell him to delete a tweet of his supporters crying ‘White power’ because he was out golfing. The president took three hours to remove the clip showing a male and female supporter riding a golf cart through The Villages in Florida and shouting the white supremacist slogan at anti-Trump protesters.  NBC News reported that the tweet sparked a ‘five alarm fire’ among top Trump staffers – and that they couldn’t reach him to get him to delete it because he’d put his phone down for three hours to enjoy a round of golf at his Virginia course. Advertisement Advertisement  The president’s communications team – including White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany – are said to have tried to reach Trump’s Deputy Chief of Staff Dan Scavino to ask him to remove the ...

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