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John Krasinski Funny Moments

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At this point I am convinced John Krasinski is just a character that Jim Halpert is playing.

by Slacks 1 year ago

who is this man and why is he pretending to be Jim Halpert? doesn't he know identity theft is not a joke?

by HollyBlueAgitated 1 year ago

iโ€™m a firm believer that nobody is perfect ... but this man ... iโ€™m convinced he has no flaws

by Cami Heis 1 year ago

That girl interviewer is flirting so hard core!

by A PAR 2 years ago

The Time interviewer was hopelessly unprofessional. She was smitten and totally lost it.

by Laurie 2 years ago

Jim is doing a really good job playing this John guy! Good job Jim!

by Bella Mills 2 years ago

He still acts like himself from the office

by Snoof 1 year ago

Big Tuna!

by bruh 1 year ago

He reminds me of Ryan Reynolds. And thatโ€™s not at all a bad thing, Itโ€™s the opposite. They both have that same quick wit type humor.

by Josh Hoffman 2 years ago

Do you guys have the same problem or is it only hard for me?




by David Cogdill 2 years ago

Get you a girl who looks at you like that TIME interviewer looks at John Krasinski ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Top Floor Inc 1 year ago

john krasinski is the epitome of โ€œdad hot.โ€ like heโ€™s hot in all the best ways, but heโ€™s also such a dad

by isabelle 9 months ago

Johns humor definitely made up for the awful interviewer

by the Pink Kitty 1 year ago

John Krasinksi is so charming that no matter whoโ€™s heโ€™s talking to, it looks like heโ€™s flirting with them.

by Dismade 10 months ago

anyone else find that time magazine interviewer really annoying and unprofessional?

by Becksimilian 2 years ago

"do you guys have the same problem or is it only hard for me"

Me in my head tHaTs wHaT sHe sAid

by DancingZB 10 months ago

i bet the person who wrote that question was so pissed because they OBVIOUSLY worded it for a thats what she said joke

by Brock B 2 years ago

Jim is REALLY good at playing this โ€œJohnโ€ cahacter!

by TsrD-day : 1 year ago

i am not used to see john krasinski not being jim

by FuzzyFuzz 2 years ago

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