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Coronavirus: How the deadly epidemic sparked a global emergency | Four Corners

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It’s likened to a scene from an apocalypse. Wuhan — a city more populous than London or New York — placed in ‘lockdown’ following the outbreak of the new and deadly coronavirus.
In China, more than two thousand people have died, with tens of thousands more infected, and authorities are resorting to extreme measures to try to halt the contagion. In interviews filmed on smartphones, Chinese activists and Australians trapped in the lockdown explain what they are going through.
Four Corners charts how the outbreak occurred and investigates whether a cover-up by Chinese authorities allowed the virus to spread.
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ABC News In-depth photo 1 Coronavirus: How the deadly epidemic... ABC News In-depth photo 2 Coronavirus: How the deadly epidemic... ABC News In-depth photo 3 Coronavirus: How the deadly epidemic... ABC News In-depth photo 4 Coronavirus: How the deadly epidemic...

I pray that anyone reading this would be able to come back here in 20 years to watch this video again and see how it began. Stay safe

by Top 10 BEST 2 months ago

“Things do not happen. Things are made to happen”
-John F. Kennedy

by Ernesto D 3 weeks ago

It's no joke when the doctors start losing it.

by Agent 47 1 month ago

The wet markets in China need to be shut down and BANNED indefinitely! Making it illegal to consume wildlife! I hope the government learns from this tremendous outbreak. Everyone please stay healthy and stay safe.

by Netta A. 1 month ago

That's it. I'm done with my 3 month free trial of 2020, I'm canceling my membership.

by Level Studios 1 month ago

To those who spoke out, put themselves at risk for doing so and then died, Dr. Li Wen-Liang and others, rest in peace. You will be remembered as heroes.

by em 2 months ago

Am I hearing this right...basically they knew about this early enough and they were told to stfu and now it's too late? Unreal

by Bigdawg4real Longnlonely 1 month ago

Maybe china you should stop eating animals you aint suppose to eat

by LINGI LOWCI 1 month ago

The lady in the balcony screaming for help saying her mother is dying was a scary scene

by DanceIsLife 1 month ago

Yo while we’re watching this, there are scientists in a lab scrambling to find a cure.🤭Let’s thank them🤝

by Nikki True 2 months ago

i wish that after 20yrs i could tell my son about this pandemic happen... his only 1yr old...stay safe everyone...

by sutil gigil 1 month ago

“It would be like locking down Italy”

A month later.... "Okay well this example backfired..."

by MaxiChan 1 month ago

I have no words to even describe how incredible doctors are, nothing i could ever say would be enough.

by LegendsNeverDie 1 month ago

Dr. Li Wen-Liang THANK YOU TO YOU and others, rest in peace

by Vivek J 1 month ago

I just want to say, these doctors, nurses and medical staffs are honesty so brave. They've done so much. all I hope is that they feel okay after this...

by Moon 2 months ago

People had it in mid-Nov., according to locals.

by Tom Thumb 1 month ago

Anyone operating a Wild animal vendor at an open market should be arrested and penalized so severely they STOP 🛑 or this WILL happen again

by Its really M 1 month ago

It’s weird watching this now... knowing what has actually happened especially when the BBC correspondent says it’s like shutting down the whole of Italy, because that has actually happened more recently than when this was obviously filmed

by Chris Fulcher 1 month ago

how about testing it out on pedophiles and not on the poor innocent ferrets 😤

by Annamarie 1 month ago

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