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At least 12 dead, 188 infected in US as coronavirus continues to spread | Nightline

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As the public stocks up on supplies over fears of the coronavirus, some companies are telling employees to work from home and 4,000 people in New York are in precautionary quarantine.
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ABC News photo 1 At least 12 dead, 188... ABC News photo 2 At least 12 dead, 188... ABC News photo 3 At least 12 dead, 188... ABC News photo 4 At least 12 dead, 188...

People with a normal fever: stays in bed

People with the coronavirus: โ€œI like to move it move itโ€

by That Kid outside 3 months ago

Symptoms of Corona Virus
-Cold & Cough
-A Sudden urge to travel the world

by Yogesh XD 3 months ago

Sick people: I am gonna stay home and go to doctor

Corona Virus sick people: World tour and buying condoms.

by Just Ghost 3 months ago

โ€œWork at homeโ€ great idea....unless youโ€™re blue collar.

by ben ben 3 months ago

Lets be honest, USA is doing nothing

by phayke 3 months ago

So basically the cruise ship is a floating incubator for diseases

by Leo 3 months ago

It's a VIRUS, it's going to continue to spread. It's really infuriating seeing the media mention the coronavirus every 5 minutes on every news channel causing people to panic.

by Kat Mez 3 months ago

Coronavirus may include such side effects as..
World Traveling, More Social Activity, and Bouts of Extroverted Behavior....

by Space Alien Jesus 3 months ago

โ€œWeโ€™re into this togetherโ€
Also everyone: still in fight and flight mode

by Brandon dizon_1211270 3 months ago

The world is in panic
Mask seller: money, money , money!!!

by rasl jefferson 3 months ago

The irony of the bond movie title I swear โ€œNo time to dieโ€ ๐Ÿ˜‚

by Anthony Chestnut 3 months ago

"this is Like a flu on steroids" nice

by Levi 3 months ago

People just need to relax and clean your hands all the time that's it .

by bling 1 3 months ago

RIP to whose lost anyone from this virus or anything else. Condolences to their families or friends. Stay Safe and Wash your hands!!!

by Power100 3 months ago

People with normal flu: I think I'll stay in bed.

People with coronavirus: Call me Mr. Worldwide

by JOG 3 months ago

"We're all in this together"

Right...until your neighbors and friends turn on you when there is a food shortage. Survival instincts does funny things to people.

by Mai 3 months ago

"I was worried cuz my parents are elderly" like bruh we know, you elderly too lmfao

by Romeo Richardson 3 months ago

Patient dies over night, yet the nursing home phones family next morning to say the patient in doing well. This is the main reason I will never allow my parents or other family member to be placed in nursing homes or senior assist living. The elderly doesn't have a voice and these damn places care only about the money. That's absolutely neglect and cruel. That family should sue the hell out of the person and facility separate in two law suits.
Sad, that speaks loudly for the kind of care these patients receive. Totally non excusable bullshit.
Sorry for the family.

by Kasey kc Carpenter. #24 3 months ago

People who are sick: today I donโ€™t feel like doing anything

People with coronavirus: World Tour

by CopyCat 3 months ago

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