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Central Michigan suffers two dam collapses in hours | WNT

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Thousands of residents were forced to flee and a nearby chemical plant was evacuated; officials say hundreds are in shelters and some are sleeping in their cars over fears of the coronavirus.
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ABC News photo 1 Central Michigan suffers two dam... ABC News photo 2 Central Michigan suffers two dam... ABC News photo 3 Central Michigan suffers two dam... ABC News photo 4 Central Michigan suffers two dam...

500 yr event? No, that kind of language is for “natural floods”; there’s nothing natural about failing to maintain infrastructure that is known for years to be in need of repair. I can’t think of a more important piece of infrastructure to maintain.

by BeagleBrains 1 2 weeks ago

Imagine being on house arrest while your house is floating on water.

by PLR 88 2 weeks ago

RIP America this is what happens when infrastructure is ignored for decades

by Alexander Palmer 2 weeks ago

"For years they knew" yea more like for years they waited for this to happen.

by Lt Dashkov 2 weeks ago

When structural engineers say shit's going to break, usually it does..

by BassManBobBassCovers 2 weeks ago

This is what you call "when it rains it pours" my prayer to those fellow Americans.

by John Whodat 2 weeks ago

500 year event? Give me a break.

by jlg395 2 weeks ago

They've elected incompetents for years - elections have consequences.

by harold wilkes 2 weeks ago

"They'd worried about a possible failure at the dam for years."

Aaaand they just let that go, because?????

by Scott McCurdy 2 weeks ago

Who ever keeps asking if things could get worse ... please stop

by MoonMilkMan 2 weeks ago

Don’t venture into the comments section, only madness and idiocy awaits.

by Rolomir Fenrir 2 weeks ago

Ah yes, the old hire two or three people to inspect hundreds of damns and then ignore all the warnings and signs of failure and pretend like it was shocking or a surprise when it all fails.

by leoleonardo 2 weeks ago

🤣🤣 michigan government too busy stuffin their pcokets leavin the state on life support

by god 2 weeks ago

More mentions of COVID than the dam, wp ABC

by Girl Gadot 2 weeks ago

This is what happens when you neglect infrastructure :/

by MrCharles26 2 weeks ago

I feel like all the sign language interpreters are lying their ass off

by Steven Nguyen 2 weeks ago

"If it keeps on raining, the levee's going to break...."

by Lanzy Fabian 1 week ago

This is what massive tax cuts for the wealthy and their corporations buys you.

by Jeanne Mahaffey 2 weeks ago

“Two damn collapses” okay I’m sorry I’ll leave

by Noah Taft 2 weeks ago

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