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Prod By. Chris Rich & Bjoern Beatz
Visuals By. Kxvin Media
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Abra Cadabra photo 1 Abra Cadabra - CADABRA FREESTYLE Abra Cadabra photo 2 Abra Cadabra - CADABRA FREESTYLE Abra Cadabra photo 3 Abra Cadabra - CADABRA FREESTYLE Abra Cadabra photo 4 Abra Cadabra - CADABRA FREESTYLE

This guy don’t get enough respect, wayy too versatile

by vk 3 days ago

did this man just FaZe Up

by Gaz lol 20 hours ago

Sounding like he eats cereal with diesel and not milk.

FYI I’m not hating

by ZE ZE 2 days ago

Abra’s back in his music bag, no one does drill music like him

by HMo23 2 days ago

“I don’t wanna hear Philly don’t dance, cah I made Philly dance when I slapped that nina” 🤮🤮🤮🤮 if u kno u kno

by P M 1 day ago

Stop saying Abra is the UK popsmoke.popsmoke is the American Abra

Rip popsmoke

by FreshiBoy 1 day ago

Abra Cadabra is actually one of the best, he is so versatile and unique.

by Big Chungus 2 days ago

The fact that we never got a song with abra and pop smoke is criminal

by GEN TV 2 days ago

Abracadabra is becoming a serious problem now he’s consistent

by david o 1 day ago

His voice sounds like he eats wood as a snack

by God Ussop 3 days ago

When abracadabra crosses the road cars look both ways

by dripiFN 2 days ago

no fakes you could tell he's really about it

by Evans Essiam 2 days ago

producer: bring a beamer
abra: let me go grab my jacket

by Jazzy 2 days ago

This is Chris rich beats init ..say nuttin it’s cold 🥶

by Wavyking 456 2 days ago

Here before washed up neeks comment abracadabra “tell his dad he’s the man of the house when he leaves”

by PC Dave 3 days ago

“I don’t wanna hear philly don’t dance, cah I made philly dance when I bussed that nina” didn’t have to do them like that doe😭

by Grind And stack 1 day ago

He sounds like he eats wood for breakfast and machetes for lunch

by Rtfs 2 days ago

imagine Abra and Pop Smoke mannnnn, too cold.

by fl1cken 2 days ago

Abracadabra has been doing this wayy before Pop Smoke. Don't wanna hear "he sounds like pop smoke".

by Gurdit Singh 2 days ago

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