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BET Awards 2020: Most Powerful Moments

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The 2020 BET Awards were more poignant than ever in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement in an effort for racial equality. Host Amanda Seales set the tone, taking America to task for their lack of action in the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd while in police custody. Calling the awards ceremony a much-needed break For Black Americans. And, from DaBaby to Beyoncé to Alicia Keys, the stars brought their all and made powerful statements in their speeches and music.
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BET Awards 2020: Most Powerful Moments

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If you're going to say her name, Please say her FULL NAME, Sandra Bland.

by Jeremy Lopez 5 days ago

Literally had to run to the bathroom so my kids didn’t see my cry when Sandra pic came up

by Ms. RayRay 5 days ago

I liked this video SPECIFICALLY for Amanda Seales.

by Kareem Pridgen 5 days ago

some of you'll just hide behind a computer and cry down everything someone is doing will you'll ain't doing anything, find you'll purpose in life p.s. Beyonce was always light skin, give it a rest this was the best bet awards ever finally the name speak for itself Black Entertainment Television.

by Augustus Bruno 5 days ago

bet awards hasnt been the same since michael jackson death it went down after that.

by 94kieshababy 5 days ago

The should of let Jhené Aiko and Kehlani perform

by Da'Nya Fleming 5 days ago

How they almost at 1mill subs but only got 300 VIEWS!!

by abowie._ 5 days ago

Amanda was amazing! She was a perfect fit . So articulate and on point.

by Catherine Hopkins 5 days ago

Love Amanda Seales. She was awesome. Beautiful lady

by Îris Wilson 5 days ago

Beyonce is right about keeping Jim Crow Joe Biden out of office. Biden's 1994 crime bill indirectly lead to the murder of George Floyd

by Miloš Obilić 5 days ago

I like Megan thee Stallion but I think her song and performance didn't really go with the theme of the night. She coulda dropped somethin a little woke. If DaBaby can do it, she can too. IMO

by Luke Khalid 5 days ago

always comes through no matter what it makes pissed at

by May Flower 5 days ago

You forgot the finale with Keke and Karen Clark Sheard. That put me in worship!!!!!

by classyboy04 2 days ago

beyonce telling people times are tough while wearing what looks to be a million dollar diamond choker is the biggest meme of 2020..... how out of touch can someone bebe?

by Mark Ippolito 5 days ago

DaBaby and Robby Ricch’s video was amazing. Well done and powerful

by Michael Childs 5 days ago

Alicia ‘s performance so powerful,and she looks amazingly beautiful still!!!

by Buttafly 2014 4 days ago

Now tragedy will strike! Rewarding bloodshed I don't get it!

by jeffery james 3 days ago

Griselda and earthgang got snubbed so hard. Migos havent done anything relevant or major as a collective since 2018, and havent put out a quality body of work since culture 1 in 2016.

by Pine 5 days ago

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