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Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith - MODERN TRAILER (2020)

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Revenge of the Sith ModernTrailer w/ Music from Clone Wars season 7 Trailer!.
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MUSIC CREDIT, Samuel Kim: Force Theme.
Clone Wars Trailer Music.
VIDEO CREDIT, Lucasfilm.
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*This video is a parody DUE to its derivative/ trans-formative nature this video is covered as a Fair Use of material.*
_ #starwars #revengeofthesith #moderntrailer.
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Brilliant use of Maul's monologue from Clone Wars!
Also can we just appreciate how seamless this transition at is?

by Divergent TARDIS 1 month ago

That shot of The clones “aiming at Anakin” was pretty subversive

by Dunkboy XD 1 month ago

Just imagine if the trailer would end with a blackscreen and palpatine said „Execute Order 66“ without any of us knowing what that was. Oh, the discussions we could have had!

by SirLucky7 2 weeks ago

The original trailer literally spoiled everything, this is so much better

by ForTheRepublic 2 weeks ago

Im gonna tell my kids this was the actual trailer

by Daedalus 3 weeks ago

Imagine if Revenge of The Sith has not come out yet, and then this trailer pops up right after the last episode of TCW

by Francis William Garcia 3 weeks ago

I miss this Star Wars so much. The story of Anakin and his redemptive ark is so powerful and impactful. A beautiful tribute to what Star Wars is truly about.

by Forrest Emery 1 week ago

I can legit see this as a modern 2020's trailer. Good job on the editing!

by RedTeamReview 3 weeks ago

Me: looking at subtitles
Subtitles: “The dockside has never been stronger”
Me: Excuse me wtf?

by Bluebloodfr 3 weeks ago

The 501st clones aiming at their general, that’s some real heartbreaking stuff

by Velly Vell 1 week ago

I love how this trailer was made to be as if Revenge of the Sith only came out after The Clone Wars series had finished

by Jayden Varghese 3 weeks ago

The only thing I could possibly criticize is that the font when it says “the war” isn’t the Star Wars font👍😳

by Landocalaruski xX 3 weeks ago

"He will not let me down. He never has."
Meanwhile, on Mandalore:
"I know Anakin. Your vision is flawed."
How could all of those closest to him be so wrong about him...?

by DarqeDestroyer 2 weeks ago

Why is this better than all of the last 3 star wars movies combined

by Manpa 2 weeks ago

Came from recommended. The algorithm is strong with you.

by Boristien405 3 weeks ago

No movie trailer is modern without the “ PING “ at the beginning

by Chavrios 3 weeks ago

Imagine this was the actual trailer, the audience would freak out when they hear the Senate's laugh and Palps with the hood and everything

by Nuovese Motion Pictures 1 week ago

This is the most incredible thing I’ve seen on YouTube in a LONG time. Huge props to you dude, I hope someone sees this and somewhere and gets you a big job!

by Drew 2 weeks ago

The harmony at the background on the mark along with Obi-Wan saying, "He will not let me down, he never has." fits so perfectly it gave me goosebumps! Well done!

by toakoda 2 weeks ago

I honestly wish there was a movie about Anakin if he never turned to the dark side, kind of like the “what if” series for marvel. I think it would be so cool if we actually saw anakin being the last Jedi to survive the massacre that was in the temple at the time, while kenobi and yoda were away

by Sgambpy 11 2 weeks ago

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