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We MUST Talk About The 2020 BET Awards

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Mrs. Rona has really changed the way we consume and distribute media. The BET Awards were on Sunday and it was basically a very long live stream. Artists, presenters, and the host Amanda Seales all pre-recorded their content (at home or elsewhere) for BET to string together. There were a few performances that I really enjoyed (Megan Thee Stallion and Chloe x Halle to be specific). And there were some that could have been kept lol. I think that Amanda did the best that she could with what she was given (which wasn’t much unfortunately). Also, I know that we cannot ignore what is happening around us, but I wanted the show to feel more like a celebration instead of hours upon hours of mourning. But I will say that I can only imagine the difficulty of putting a show like this together…especially since it has never really been done like this before. Let’s talk about it!
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Did y'all understand what I meant when I talked about the feel of the show? I hope I made sense lol Check out for more :)

by AdrianXpression 1 week ago

As usual the women artists carrying the whole entire show on their backs

by Deniesha Clowers 1 week ago

Marsai actually isn't even 16 yet smh some folks are MISERABLE

by Adwoa Boateng 1 week ago

Chloe and Halle ate it up so I’m satisfied about that🤷🏾‍♀️

by Takijah Richardson 1 week ago

Chloe and Halle are so elite. Saturday night they gave a performance of ROYL with a guitar solo. Sunday night they perform Forgive Me/Do It, with a dance battle against themselves. NONE of the blogs posted it. Don't ask for more diverse music amongst black woman artists, and then ignore it when its given. People are not hype enough for me. 🔥🔥

by TheSomethingnew1 1 week ago

The problem is we’ve allowed black pain to become marketable. That’s why all these corporations are saying BLM now.

by Liz Miller 1 week ago

Roddy rich is V colorist. Please don’t big him up

by Gross 1 week ago

Rody Rich is a colorist weirdo. He can go sit outside.

by Audrey Ooro 1 week ago

Megan definitely had a BUDGET and was giving everything we needed‼️ Genuinely happy for her success.

by Aaron JustIN 1 week ago

Black pain may be profitable but Black Joy is revolutionary... I don’t watch award shows but I would be bummed too if it was all heavy shit. They had the opportunity to uplift.

by Mary Roger 1 week ago

Adrian I missed the whole award show for the same reasons honey, that's why I am watching your video. At this point I just want snap-shots of my faves in snippets and interludes, that's it 🙅🏾‍♀️

by From Lissa, With Love 1 week ago

They could’ve given us Titus Burgess for the Little Richard tribute.

by Roderick 1 week ago

Beyoncé and Tina are emphasizing voting on LOCAL LEVELS the upcoming presidency of course but if you are listening to the initiative she started is geared toward local elections because there is so much more control we have in our communities when we participate in our local elections

by TheManyFacedFeminist 1 week ago

I get that BET is trying to be respectful of the lives lost to systematic racism and police brutality and all the protests, but I also wish they would have focused more on uplifting and celebrating how inspiring and incredible black culture is.

This year’s show didn’t feel as fun or really have that charm that makes watching it entertaining.

by Deaynni Radke 1 week ago

Anybody else feel something was awkward with the sound and how the artists used their mics? Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED a lot of the performances. This was just something I kept noticing.

by KalynKae 1 week ago

Teddy Riley was in charge of Amanda Seales audio.

by elaine elaine 1 week ago

Not "yaaas white supremecy" LMFAOOOOOO

by Joane_L 1 week ago

Amanda’s jokes weren’t hitting for me. I think I sorta giggled at one but that’s it. I’m so glad some of my underrated artists got some shine, like Masego. These backgrounds were amazing, I guess because they weren’t forced into a box so everything just felt so atmospheric! I wanted to like Saweetie’s video so much but Nikita 😑

I didn’t watch the videos, only the clips that popped up on my trending twitter

by Keke Shawn 1 week ago

Your feelings about the show are completely valid. Not Wayne Brady?! Do better BET. Chloe x Halle are the blueprint.

by Selene 1 week ago

Seeing Doja Rat’s face now is awkward and I’ll never not see that chat room. 🤷🏾‍♀️

by Honorelle 5 days ago

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