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11 Innovative, unique and most interesting gadgets from AliExpress

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The technology is always advancing. People always come up with unique and useful gadgets to make our lives easier. We love online shopping and always stay current on finding the best deals, and in this video we have compiled 11 most interesting electronic and home decor items from AliExpress.
Affiliate product links.
iPhone attachable splitter - http://ali.ski/Bz966
RGB mousepad - http://ali.ski/iZJFs
Light panels (generic) - http://ali.ski/Zfitd
Light panels (Xiaomi) - http://ali.ski/2Wx2d
Xiaomi wireless charger/night light - http://ali.ski/lLIml
Amp key holders - http://ali.ski/iON1Do (no longer sold)
Heat shrink remote covers - http://ali.ski/fIev1
Towel racks - http://ali.ski/bZ7Rdd
Bluetooth music glasses - http://ali.ski/0iRPyP
Conductive speakers - http://ali.ski/fjTDC
IPEGA smartphone/tablet controller - http://ali.ski/wvBnf
Prank toys - http://ali.ski/cAqKb-
WTF Product of the week, Inflatable tentacles - http://ali.ski/ACG0hD
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My name is Kirill and I find, buy, and do unboxings and review for the best-selling AliExpress gadgets, electronics, home decor and lifestyle products. I don't have a specific schedule, but I release new videos every Wednesday at around 11-12 PM PST..
If you want to support the channel, please bookmark my affiliate AliExpress link: https://aliholic.com/buy ... This will not affect the price, but I will receive a commission for the sale.

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cool vid but it's betterif you put the price of every items, not onlysome in the vid

by guiglok 11 months ago

Here you are aliholic 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

by Prabhat Shandil 11 months ago

It's been awhile crocodile <3

by Anna Kim 11 months ago

....edward scissorhands, or a 🐇 rabbit

by Teeko Train 7 months ago

Has anyone ever bought an Ali Express container house?!

by Mydurr Vangg 2 months ago

can somebody let me know the name of the led clock at

by Harkirat Narula 11 months ago


by Eshan 11 months ago

the audio is so bad in this one!

by Dao Quang 11 months ago

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