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25 Geeky Products from AliExpress | Cheap electronics + unique products

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Best geeky products from AliExpress for 2019. Best tech and gadgets finds. All affiliate product links in the description below.
🔥 Colored fire - http://ali.ski/5Em39
💡 Smoke cake - http://ali.ski/CFLrD
🔥 Conducting ink pen - http://ali.ski/Uzuucm
💡 Standbeest (walking thing) - http://ali.ski/vlZ47q
🔥 Panda/kitty piggy bank - http://ali.ski/ELlkG1
💡 Renaissance puzzle - http://ali.ski/7ZsRXQ
🔥 Telescope - http://ali.ski/TpjeD
💡 Telescopic claw (buttscratcher) - http://ali.ski/9P9RU0
🔥 Bee model - http://ali.ski/UHWtnv
💡 Credit card LED light - http://ali.ski/MzJrOM
🔥 TARDIS blanket - http://ali.ski/AUSwrk
💡 Fish flops (pretty proud of that name) - http://ali.ski/zzleOD
🔥 Spirograph - http://ali.ski/BzesIv
💡 Game Over mug - http://ali.ski/QIj5d
🔥 Tetris iPhone case - http://ali.ski/hNo0J
💡 Lollipop holder - http://ali.ski/wZuRGO
🔥 CTRL/ALT/DEL cups - http://ali.ski/Jd3Cr
💡 Alien plush toy - http://ali.ski/354La
🔥 Glass skull - http://ali.ski/9PFPz2
💡 Galaxy pendant - http://ali.ski/WqrkAA
🔥 Magic wand store - http://ali.ski/WKxFFf
💡 Black Pearl model - http://ali.ski/SWVld
🔥 DIY heart - http://ali.ski/-rFGn
💡 Butt cushion - http://ali.ski/PFx1O
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🌟 10 Best-selling electronics on AliExpress: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wg3K...
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My name is Kirill and I find, buy, and do unboxings and review for the best-selling AliExpress gadgets, electronics, home decor and lifestyle products. I don't have a specific schedule, but I release new videos every Wednesday at around 11-12 PM PST..
If you want to support the channel, please bookmark my affiliate AliExpress link: https://aliholic.com/buy ... This will not affect the price, but I will receive a commission for the sale.
Footage used under Creative Commons license.
StrandBeest arrives in New England, Crane Beach: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5Kx9... (accessed Feb. 6 2019)
DIY STRANDBEEST KIT - ASSEMBLY GUIDE AND TEST, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qP17z... (accessed Feb. 5 2019).
Spirograph designs Compilation, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=39vZE...

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by Aliholic 1 year ago

"You dirty bird"😂😂😂

Love the Doctor Who blanket, literally my favorite show in the world! Thank you for including it!

by Cynthia Valles 1 year ago

Damn you realy used clickbait for views, that’s sad bro...

by FBI 2 weeks ago

- great relationship advice. Thanks!

by Anna Kim 1 year ago

When ever chines new yers end time epacket time is very long😴😴

by Patel Hardik 1 year ago

Subscribed :)

by RUS 1 year ago

I'll need a lollipop holder holder 😂

by Carla Alvarez 1 year ago

only here for the jokes tbh

by Ramon 1 year ago

The first 2, give new meaning to "Burning money"!

by Mai Mariarti 1 year ago

oh i picked up some of those fish flips when I was in Vietnam haha

by Ace 1 year ago

Who else got Wish ad?

by Gabi _ 5 months ago

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