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25 Things for $10 or less from AliExpress | Cheapest gadgets

#أفضل منتجات علي اكسبرس #aliexpress $10 #Cheapest gadgets #格安 電化製品 #Entertainment
Cheapest products from AliExpress: gadgets, electronics, home decor, lifestyle and for parents - all for $10 or less! Wow!
For Parents shop section: https://aliholic.com/product-category...
Affiliate product links.
Neon lights - http://ali.ski/XwqOI
Bluetooth receiver - http://ali.ski/FQXXGk
3 In 1 cable - http://ali.ski/k_tBgF
QKZ DM6 earphones - http://ali.ski/FnmOt
Dimmable LED table light - http://ali.ski/BQOua1
Protective computer glasses - http://ali.ski/zOJ4m7
Wireless earphones - http://ali.ski/jPXyS
Height wall sticker - http://ali.ski/VY8hT
Educational toys - http://ali.ski/_h1NN
Mousepad - http://ali.ski/p-RA4
HDMI splitter - http://ali.ski/e4OuQ
'Gator grip' - http://ali.ski/ssQ2mg
Digital thermometer - http://ali.ski/zvsbb2
Headphones hook - http://ali.ski/lQ9Wd
Measuring kitchen spoons - http://ali.ski/NB2dNU
Lava lamp - http://ali.ski/DlrPd
Socks - http://ali.ski/a5UVJ
Sealing clip for kitchen - http://ali.ski/d72U6
Winter hat (toque) - http://ali.ski/e9PYd
Dragon ring - http://ali.ski/V0IA5
Magnets - http://ali.ski/KTwIv
Loofah sponge - http://ali.ski/AJlMd
Disneyland poster - http://ali.ski/tDy2I
Money clip - http://ali.ski/4RgvH
Random product of the week: http://ali.ski/4L5Pcz
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Happy new year! Could you consider making a video on how to romance someone on the cheap with an AliExpress Valentine's day? Even with all those magnets I still can't get someone attracted

by Georgia Squared 1 year ago

"I have my suspicions that this ring is not made out of real dragons" LMAO

by Vrajesh Padiyar 1 year ago

I love those magnets...gonna buy one for sure.

by Tarush Jain 1 year ago

Those magnets are great for clipping notes to the fridge!

by Stephen Ludgate 1 year ago

Those magnets are great for clipping notes to the fridge!

by Oscar 1 year ago

Love the pumba T shirt 😂 Great video. Good to be back to this channel, missed looking at some cheap amazing stuff!

by Invincible_Falcon 1 year ago

Aliholics!!! 🔥❤

by Luffy 15 1 year ago

New subscriber , Just moved on to a new country, a new home and a new better me ,
Now just a new pair of QKZ headphones and im complete LOL 😋

by How to Free 1 year ago

Just ordered those anti blue light glasses, thanks for the vid!

by Geng Chen 1 year ago

Daymn Im late...
//Keep up the good content !! 😀

by Yousha Tahir 1 year ago

best wishes from me dude, still going strong!

by dr. DruupLongs 1 year ago

I love how it says GADGETS in the title but has shit like hats and Disneyland maps in the video 😂 just gotta point that out

by NOZ 1 year ago

I thought I was watching a video from a channel with 1 million subscribers. The quality of the videos is stunning. Keep up the good work!

by toao 1 year ago

Daaaaaamn those magnets are awesome! You can use the to make rail guns and magnet motors.....free energy folks! These are so cool google tons of projects

by Teeko Train 8 months ago

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