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Revealing My NEW HAIR To My Roommates!!! *dying my hair cause quarantine

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guys..i did a thing.. I dyed my hair!! Here is me revealing my new hair to my roommates and niki lol. I think my roommates hate it or think its a prank haha anyone else dying their hair in quarantine?? xo -alisha marie.
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AlishaMarie photo 1 Revealing My NEW HAIR To... AlishaMarie photo 2 Revealing My NEW HAIR To... AlishaMarie photo 3 Revealing My NEW HAIR To... AlishaMarie photo 4 Revealing My NEW HAIR To...

i did a thing.... a very bad thing.... hahah ok im still freaking out about this guys!!!! If you could dye your hair any color what would it be?? xo -Alisha

by AlishaMarie 6 days ago

she looks like the old alisha marie, but the new and improved one

by veda walker 6 days ago

Was anybody hoping that she would dye her hair purple

by Rian Hildebrandt 4 days ago

she’s feeling weird because like she was blonde for 5 years so it’s normal.. we’re gonna get used to it

by Just Me 5 days ago

The intro in the hood is a WHOLE mood that I’m here for

by Adrienne Finch 4 days ago

Literally No One:
Alisha: Im Pregnant
Terren: Shut Up
Both Start Laughing So Hard

by Angela Mauricio 3 days ago

bruh she looks like young alisha and it’s giving me major nostalgia. but i fricking love it !!!

by Helen Luna 6 days ago

“If you don’t like it do not worry because it’s not on yo head “ 😂😂😂

by Nura Aaa 5 days ago

Also, when TK said are the birds having a party, she wasn’t lying. At my house they were chirping so loud. Then we alisha answered they stoped.

by Anna maria Yousef 5 days ago

Right when the surprises come.... YouTube: Lets put a add Now!

by Winnie Huang 5 days ago

She looks like a sock in her hoodie lol

by Elyse Boyle 5 days ago

I think the brunette makes her look even prettier and young but also like old and mature if that makes sense

by Hailey Aurora 5 days ago

POV: you’re reading this comment trying to figure out what color her hair is.

by abigail am 4 days ago

i was expecting like a crazy color but this is probably even better haha

by Irina Luca Kádár 4 days ago

Anyone else get an add when she was counting down....talk about timing aha😂🤦

by Amy Jones 5 days ago

When Alisha said “the reveal” and it cut to an ad I laughed and grabbed my coffee as I said “so extra...” and DID NOT even realize what I did there

by Catie Bliss 4 days ago

Emma Chamberlain: goes back blonde
Alisha: goes back brunette

by Emily Louise 6 days ago

Alisha: I’m pregnant
Taryne: sHuT uP

by Caitlin Mai 4 days ago

Alisha: Ok so... the reveal
my phone: bish put an ad here

by R. CURTIS 3 days ago

“i feel like me, but i don’t feel like me” felt that hardddd

by Hannah Searight 5 days ago

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