weekly idol 쩔어주는 드림이들의 랜덤 플레이 댄스 l ep 460

all-the-k-pop photo 1 weekly idol 쩔어주는 드림이들의 랜덤... all-the-k-pop photo 2 weekly idol 쩔어주는 드림이들의 랜덤... all-the-k-pop photo 3 weekly idol 쩔어주는 드림이들의 랜덤... all-the-k-pop photo 4 weekly idol 쩔어주는 드림이들의 랜덤...

when hyuck thanked the kids for helping him remember that it was last chorus of boom not the second 🥺

by Melissa E 2 weeks ago

so proud of haechan how come he can memorize all those choreos + 127 choreos considering during this shoot he was also preparing for 127 concert too crazy HAECHAN ACE

by fyeahjaehyun 2 weeks ago

Nct dream: wear colorful clothes

Me: boyfriend material

by Nana's Princess 2 weeks ago

eunhyuk looks like a proud father watching over his kids :")

by Katelyn YANG 2 weeks ago

i realize that chenle is so sensible to music, yes that's mah boy

by fuzzy cozy 2 weeks ago

Nct Dream : let's wear colorful shirt to make Nctzen's days colored

Me : o-okay, you guys looks like boy material

by cherry blossom 2 weeks ago

근데 진짜 보면서 너무 잘해서 개놀랐음 너무 잘해... 이렇게 잘하는애들 너네가 처음이야... 하... 나 얘네한테 너무 빠진듯

by 제우스 1 week ago

HOW DID SM FIND ALL THESE GEMS? Like how did they really find good looking kids and hone them to be this talented and full of charisma? ALL OF THEM LIKE ALL OF THEM ARE DIAMONDS. SM FOUND REAL DIAMONDS. HSJDBZBSBS

by Bee Rie 2 weeks ago

Haechan ownss every Random play dance everytime, be it 127 or Dream. He is just a dance genius.

by Lee Maknaes 2 weeks ago

This is about NCT Dream, but I am stuck on watching Eunhyuk's face the whole time. He looks so proud of them. T T

by Zuzanna Brzeszczak 2 weeks ago


music : nope we gonna change

lmao jeno always freeze in the middle of his jam 😂😂😂

by hwang euratt 2 weeks ago

look at eunhyuk face like a proud sunbae

by maychild 04 2 weeks ago

I swear I get scared sometimes cuz of the amount of love I have for Jaemin. Am I the only one or y'all normal?

by etso desu 2 weeks ago

Hyuck prob has magnificent memory to be able to exactly recall which part of the songs that are playing. Every single time. I stan a Superhuman (pun intended).

by eunhae♥kino 2 weeks ago

Eunhyuk : jaemin-ah jaemin-ah!!!! That's it!!!

He's a proud uncle!!!!!

by inno inno 2 weeks ago

How can haechan be so quick to recognise which song and which part the song is?? He's so smart! 해찬 에이스

by miii 2 weeks ago

와...이해찬 진짜 빠르게 파악하고 멤버들한테 가르쳐주고 중심잡고.........존나 똑똑해 ma boy~^^.

by 2419이해원 1 week ago

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