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Alpharad's first impressions with Smash Ultimate's newest DLC character... MIN MIN!.
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#MinMin #SmashBrosUltimate #Alpharad

#alpharad #alpharad smash #not alpharad #smash bros

Alpharad photo 1 MIN MIN ARMS HERSELF Alpharad photo 2 MIN MIN ARMS HERSELF Alpharad photo 3 MIN MIN ARMS HERSELF Alpharad photo 4 MIN MIN ARMS HERSELF

“This character is too complicated for me”
“Her kit is basically just fsmash”

Pick one Alpha, you can’t have both

by Soul the Sassy Assassin 6 days ago

I said this to my brother when we were trying Min Min out:

“I don’t think we’ll be particularly GOOD with Min Min, but MAN are we going to have fun being bad with her.”

by The Illusionist 6 days ago

Honestly kinda sad that one of Min Min's costumes wasn't her as a noodle waitress like she was in the trailer.

by ChuxMech 6 days ago

Min Min Arms Herself!

...So glad the game was called Arms and not Fists.

by Thomas Palazzolo 6 days ago

This felt like a "story for glory" episode, it was nice.

by N 6 days ago

Min min looks like another character that’s gonna beat my ass no matter how hard I try

by GaboRey 160 1 week ago

Min Min: *exists
Fantastic Mr Fox: "She's just, *waves hands..

by Logan Sullivan 6 days ago

It’s hard to imagine such a popular game by Nintendo, a kid friendly video game company, with a community this messed up. My brain feels like trash trying to comprehend all these top players that I used to watch all the time being cancelled because of the horrible actions they have done.

by Iman 2 days ago

"she doesn't have like an up b that gives you height"

Charged up b: "am I a joke to you?"

by Dries Verhaag 6 days ago

Pls alpharad. BE THE CHAD THAT YOU ARE. Heck no, pls don’t get canceled. When i heard about Nairo, i was like. Yeah. Does happen sometimes, did not know nairo at all so. But then Jtails gets exposed and i could not believe that shit. AND NOW ZERO? WTF. Wle alpjarad is my only smash youtuber out here rn. So im parying rn

by Wouter Tesselaar 1 day ago

My first impression of Min Min: "Boy I love getting camped out from halfway across the stage, BY A MELEE ATTACK"

by Some Guy on the Internet 6 days ago

"gaining height sounds so obnoxiously hard with min min"
he says never pressing up-b on the ground to do the arms jump

by Luiginaryworker553 6 days ago

Thank God the game wasn't called "Fists"
Min Min fists herself.

by Kefik Sprite 2 days ago

She’s not bad, she’s just “different”

by Christian Noel 1 week ago

Imagine when he finds out you can F-Smash twice in a row.

by OttoeCamn 6 days ago

I hope you will recover soon from all this horrible stuff coming up. I can't imagine what it's like to go through what just happened this past week but I pray and wish the best things for you. Stay safe and strong.

by P Allen 2 days ago

The fact that he's so actively talking about the situation on Twitter pretty much proves his innocence imo, but I fully expect him to take as long as he needs before he starts uploading again.

I truly feel terrible for him and everyone else who was affected by these people, both then and now

by Todd J 1 day ago

Alpha: says something about Min Min not having up-B that gives height, meaning for recovery purposes
Every third comment: "WeLl aCtuALly sHe hAs Up-B tHaT giVEs heIGht if yOU're sTanDinG oN tHe gROund."

Come on guys, I get what you mean, but there's no need to comment what hundreds of other people commented already

by Verserer Gred 6 days ago

When Min min requires more brain cells than normal to play

Alpha: “It doesn’t feel right to me “

by Omasta 5 1 week ago

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