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Rhodes - Breathe (In session for Amazing Radio)

#Acoustic Music (Musical Genre) #soulful #vocal #morning #Music
Click the cog to watch in HD. Full session: http://bit.ly/1qA0f5F
Rhodes has long been a favourite of ours here at the station, we made him one of our Tips For 2014 and he's more than delivered. He headlined our stage at The Great Escape earlier this year, and a couple of weeks ago he stopped by Blast Studios and played two, frankly stunning, tracks. Listen out for both Breathe and Morning on air, and take a few minutes to watch the video above..
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Produced by Ruth Kilpatrick..
Filmed and edited by Ruth Kilpatrick, Rob Irish..
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Amazing Radio photo 1 Rhodes - Breathe (In session... Amazing Radio photo 2 Rhodes - Breathe (In session... Amazing Radio photo 3 Rhodes - Breathe (In session... Amazing Radio photo 4 Rhodes - Breathe (In session...

freaking love him, his guitar and his voice, kills me

by Lara Schtt 4 years ago

I just love him!! His voice is amazing! I like it even more than the album version.

by Antalaja 4 years ago

Such a magnificent song! Such a wonderful voice! RHODES is the best. We're waiting for you in Russia.

by Роман Черницын 5 years ago

This is my favourite way of listening to this amazing talented artist vocally and as a musician :-) :-) Just him and his guitar absolutely stunning :-)

by Poptastic 4 years ago

he really deserves more recognition ,amazing voice and amazingly talented

by collin 4 years ago

USA watch out for this amazing amazing soulful talent!

by Dee Sternlieb 4 years ago

That guitar is sick!! Where has Rhodes been?? More music, he is incredibly gifted and I want to hear new songs for the next 2 decades from him!!

by 母Cheryl 1 year ago

oh my thank you for the great song and your great voice

by YuFanglalala 4 years ago

Well done! Such a beautiful melody.

by iotaatom 4 years ago

remembering me with someone

by Ghea HN 4 years ago

Stunning, as was his performance at SUFC2014.

by Leon WP 9 months ago

Good song , greetings from Peru

by Ale VS 4 years ago

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