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anna oop photo 1 Loren JOINS The HYPE HOUSE?!,... anna oop photo 2 Loren JOINS The HYPE HOUSE?!,... anna oop photo 3 Loren JOINS The HYPE HOUSE?!,... anna oop photo 4 Loren JOINS The HYPE HOUSE?!,...

Anna is like the best friend that tells you the drama when u miss school.

by maryama hassan 3 days ago

I mean Avani looked the same to me-

Did ppl really think she was white-

Did I miss something-

by *Waffles* 3 days ago

Avani is literally mixed isn’t she? People will find anything to complain about smh

by Grace M 3 days ago

madison isn’t getting called out for her “plastic surgery” (idk if she had anything done idc anymore) but sh eis getting called out for “lying”

by Beril Ture 3 days ago

I miss the days when there was no houses, drama, or a “top person”

by Keely Bodnar 4 days ago

She’s literally African Mongolian and Indian lol leave Avani alone for gods sake

by Hawxty09 3 days ago

the whole “straight tiktok” and “alt tiktok” is so unnecessary, can’t wait till it stops lol

by Not Karla 3 days ago

Wasnt Loren literally saying “I wAs aN oG tIkToKeR uNlIkE tHe nEw tIk tOkErS”

by YourSleepyPotato :3 2 days ago

before Madison joined tiktok she was not problematic but now she is going into scandals- tiktok turns everyone hella toxic now.

by simplyxrxsess 3 days ago

How is everyone saying Avanis blackfishing when she’s literally part black

(Edit: y’all need to chill in these comments)

by heyitzbee x 4 days ago

Stop trying to “cancel” everyone even Avani is not black fishing when she’s part black anyway 😂

by LIBBY XO 3 days ago

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if James Charles joins the hype house..

by Sami x 3 days ago

Y’all- I just hate straight tiktok in general, the dramas juicy thooo 😳

by angeli_24 3 days ago

Avani is black lol but her face didn’t look like hers at all.

by Maya Rose 2 days ago

getting surgery, fillers, etc isn’t bad at all, but lying about it? that’s just wrong.

by elisaxgrace • 2 days ago

people will try to find something to hate on . wtf- make sure you know something before saying it . Smh🤦‍♀️ .

by Dasha Beasha 4 days ago

Thats another excuse, madison said “she went with her friend” and now its removing a mole

by karema haj yahia 1 day ago

loren isn’t joining the hype house, she said she doesn’t want to be in a house because of the drama.

by Boujelor 2 days ago

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