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Mario Party on Portables | Taking The Party On The Go

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While Mario was hosting some crazy parties on home consoles, he was also hosting some side parties over on handhelds. 5 games in total; let's look back at the Mario Party games on Portables!
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I played Mario Party DS sooo much as a kid... good times

by Mr ZeQ 1 week ago

On our family bus trip to Atlanta, me and my cousins played Mario Party DS. In the front, you’d hear laughing at Madea’s Family Reunion, and in the back there “Oh come on”, “how did he get the star”, and “she’s cheating”. One of my favorite memories lol

by MegaLordBroly 1 week ago

I remember playing Mario Party DS when I was younger and being like “this is actually heat.” Then I remembered it recently and went back to play it in case I was blinded by nostalgia, but it’s actually pretty compotent and had some great modes looking at it in retrospect.

by The King of Antarctica 1 week ago

The stick falls
Dante: This party's gettin' crazy!

by Kretes 1 week ago

I remember getting Mario Party DS for Christmas when it was new.
And as if it was a miracle, it's the ONLY Mario Party game I have, so I didn't lose friends...not that I had any.

Maybe I could have made some friends with the falling stick toy, that would have made me one of the cool kids.

by Shiro-Luna 1 week ago

Mario Party DS is legit really fun and underrated.

by SuperMairo ! 1 week ago

"Getting together with a few friends to mash some buttons"
Shows footage of a motion control minigame

by Walter Rowlands 1 week ago

Island Tour is a guilty pleasure of mine, I played it a lot when it came out.

The boards were kinda boring but the Minigames and Bowser’s Tower were really fun to play
I honestly liked it

by Super SpongeBob Mario 1 week ago

Mario Party DS is a guilty pleasure of mine, I loved playing that years ago! It's a shame we never really got the chance to see a proper follow-up to that style of Mario Party game.

by The Golden Bolt 1 week ago

March: Exists

AntDude: “I’m just going to pretend like I never saw that”

by RedToad Plush 1 week ago

ok I know it's probably just a coincendence, but seeing Daisy at a difficulty of "Very Hard" here makes me wonder if that was a Chuggaconroy reference relating to Chugga's Lost Innocence.

by DannyJennyArtz 1 week ago

Mario Party DS was my introduction to the Mario Party series, it was amazing, I still have it! I remember I saw ads all over the place for it on , it was magical, it looked like to be the greatest party of all time, and now years later, the only Mario Party game I've had since then was Super, yet I still like DS more for the content it has.

by Your Lord and Savior 1 week ago

Ant Dude gets his Knuckles impression on in Mayrio Month.

by Oblivious 1 week ago

for a second, I thought mario had a knife

by Fireboy 372 1 week ago

Missed opportunity to call this video “Porta-Party”

by Bug 1 week ago

This is Nintendo. They MUST do something that doesn't make sense.
At the same time, we'd see the Joycon drift faster.

by MasterMarioMX 1 week ago

I just realized that Mario Party Advance has an extremely similar art-style to Superstar Saga on GBA. It becomes especially apparent when you look at the ground textures in that Chain Chomp minigame...

by MegaPokeman1 1 week ago

The secret thing in Advance comes back in a Link Cable mode called "Secret Battle", first to win 5 minigames and you get to see the secret of the other player.

by sebbaa93 1 week ago

Oh boy, Mario Party DS! Now that's a game I've always wanted to see more coverage of!

Oh and also Advance and whatever the heck they did on the 3DS. I guess those should be mentioned too.

by Edd Harr 1 week ago

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