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A+ Baby SCHOOL Trolls For Your Minecraft Friends!

Aphmau photo 1 A+ Baby SCHOOL Trolls For... Aphmau photo 2 A+ Baby SCHOOL Trolls For... Aphmau photo 3 A+ Baby SCHOOL Trolls For... Aphmau photo 4 A+ Baby SCHOOL Trolls For...

Pierce: burning to d e a t h
Noi: Alright it's time to learn about w a t e r
Nois mind: I need to make sure she doesn't burn me alive
Not even 2 min later : * Noi tried to swim in lava *

by ALEXALEXFUNFUN 4 days ago

Noi: hold on hold on Aphmau has a BABY everyone else yes and she is sooo stubborn Aphmau laughing so hard Me: this so funny thanks Aphmau 😅😂🤣

by Arven Raynar 2 days ago

Object: exists

Jess: imma disguise as this thing’s whole career

by Gerald Johnston 1 day ago

“Ok listen up tiny hooman I don’t like you, you don’t like me, but let’s prank them”

pierce 2020

by random Person 3 days ago

Pierce: The stressed uncle
Noi: The cinnamon roll middle child
Kawaii~Chan: The tired older sister

by KawaiiBatgirl 4 days ago

Pierce: diamonds are for Minecraft pros only! Me: I am a noob and I got diamonds (13)

by Bradley Harper 3 days ago

“You can do great things”

Baby: Burns cookies..

Kawaii Chan: oh okay. .

Pretending like nothing happened

by WillowChip QwQ 2 days ago

I laughed when noi said:
Then everything changed when the aphmau child atacked.

by Cristiana Fonseca 2 days ago

Me: blushing thats me with my foster sisters baby p.s I have a crush on Noi but I'm a kid

by Kierra's World of Fun 4 days ago

What the heck did KC say?
" Diamonds are for pros minecraft pros only"
I didn't miss spell it or anything that was what she said.

by Maciel Nunez 1 day ago

Me when I hear Noi, Saying "*You can't get out now!*"

My Reply: That sound like holding It capptive..

by Sergio Flores negrete 3 days ago

Noi: Well little one. In the next lesson we'll teach you about water.
Me: Did you not learn anything from before with water...?

by Nia The Diamond Queen 3 days ago

KC: Also noi that was a pretty bad acting
Aphmau: Laughing out loud
Me be like: OHHHH LMAO
Rip Noi*

by シm a x 2 days ago

Noi :-shows baby aph the diamond-
Baby aph: OOoOoOooO
Me:-suddenly is drawn towards it-
Also me:OoOooOoOOooO

by Fiver Trimble 2 days ago

"So everything change when the Aphmau child attacks, huh?"

OMG Noi I love him💙💙💙💙💙

by Teh Creator 1 day ago

Kwai-chan:*watching the boy argue then get blowed up*
Baby Aphmau:GET BLOWN UP NOOBS*blows up:


by Agnes Bass 4 days ago

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