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Arcade Craniacs photo 1 HUGE CARNIVAL WINS AT LEGOLAND... Arcade Craniacs photo 2 HUGE CARNIVAL WINS AT LEGOLAND... Arcade Craniacs photo 3 HUGE CARNIVAL WINS AT LEGOLAND... Arcade Craniacs photo 4 HUGE CARNIVAL WINS AT LEGOLAND...

The intro was so good 😂👌🏻 loved this

by Lyssy Noel 1 year ago

OMG WHEN I grabbed 3 ducks HAHAHA

by Lyssy Noel 1 year ago

Saw you guys there at the Ninja Challenge. Didn’t want to bother you guys while you were filming. Love the videos and live streams, keep them coming!

by Voung Yam 1 year ago

When they tell people to like the video with a lego brick and you realize that it’s plastic so it’s physically impossible. Lol

by Logan Coble 1 year ago

“I will get you!” - Kid in back when they were playing Dino hoops.

by Gisibus 3 months ago

Omg I love Lego’s and u gyes 😁 my fraferote vids are the carnival games 😁😁😁😜

by JJB Player 1 year ago

When I'm older and can have an card and eBay and stuff IM TOATLLY GOING TO UR EBAY STORE

by XxGachaBloodMoobxX F 6 months ago

AWESOME VIDEO!!!! I'm going to Legoland in summer , so I can't wait!!!!

by KaRiNa 1 year ago

I wanna go to legoland. Been to the one in Florida when I was really young it was fun tho lol

by Aaron 1 year ago

That guy forgot his name: Lyssy dont let the haters stop you.
Lyssy: So what.

by Matt gamerz 4 months ago

I gave away my legos, about 45 years ago, but I still like the video.

by Rebecca Gage 1 year ago

Edward: get ready to choke on things
Nic: yaaaay
I almost spat my fkn drnk out god damn😂😂

by Katrina leanne foley 2 months ago

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