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Arcade Craniacs photo 1 SIMPSONS CARNIVAL GAME WINS AT... Arcade Craniacs photo 2 SIMPSONS CARNIVAL GAME WINS AT... Arcade Craniacs photo 3 SIMPSONS CARNIVAL GAME WINS AT... Arcade Craniacs photo 4 SIMPSONS CARNIVAL GAME WINS AT...

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by Arcade Craniacs 1 year ago

Woah those games look so fun!

by Lyssy Noel 1 year ago

I always love Nicole's clothes. She knows how to dress to impress 👗

by Bug 1 year ago

I'm here would love to meet you guys in person have been watching your guys videos for a long while keep up the great videos

by Makayla Dahlke 1 year ago

she looks beautiful as always
...love your video's

by Sheila Davis 1 year ago

The dude that claps when they lose has me triggered

by Andrew Stelges 1 year ago


by CrankthatJOSHLER 1 year ago

hiiiiii im a new subber 😂, i love your channel already 💞💞💞

by makeouthill 1 year ago

Love y'all's videos I have a great time watching the videos u two rock keep up the good work thanks

by Scarlett Steele 1 year ago

Hi, Craniacs I am such a big fan!L
Also Nichole you are flipin rocking that dress like always! ♡

by Hey ItsMeKae 1 year ago

I'm loving the dress so pretty 😍I LOVE THE CONTENT ON THIS CHANNEL LOVE YOU GUYS ❤❤❤

by Blitzz Jxckzy 10 months ago

Is it me or she looks like joy from inside out

by Selena Almanza 1 year ago

Hehe. He named the fish Timothy the 2. Yeah!!!

by Timothy Le 1 year ago

The fish already has a name: Blinky.

by Kati Aaarrgh 1 year ago

Youtube sets every bell at occasional until its switched to always , i noticed that in the new updates

by V H 1 year ago

I’m watching this while wearing my simpsons shirt 😂😂 Disenchantment is really good, you guys should check it out!

by Jessica Parker 1 year ago

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