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Inside an $88M Bel Air Mansion with a Hidden Car Elevator | On the Market | Architectural Digest

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Join real estate agents Branden and Rayni Williams of Williams and Williams for a tour of an $88M Bel Air mansion. This breathtaking home features a hidden car elevator, one of the greatest views of Los Angeles out there and a man cave/home theater stocked with 3,000 bottle of wine.
Check out the listing for 822 Sarbonne Rd here: https://thewilliamsestates.com/listin...
LISTING AGENTS: Branden and Rayni Williams of Williams and Williams
OWNER / ARCHITECT: Ardie Tavangarian.
DESIGN & BUILD: Arya Group
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Inside an $88M Bel Air Mansion with a Hidden Car Elevator | On the Market | Architectural Digest

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Architectural Digest photo 1 Inside an $88M Bel Air... Architectural Digest photo 2 Inside an $88M Bel Air... Architectural Digest photo 3 Inside an $88M Bel Air... Architectural Digest photo 4 Inside an $88M Bel Air...

Imagine forgetting where you kept your phone!

by Life Hackers 1 year ago

Mom: you're grounded! Go to your room!
20 minutes later
"Kid slams the door"

by Erine Barrer 2 weeks ago

Celebrities: it's not that hard to quarantine guys just do it.
Celebrities houses:

by Hannah Kehoe 1 month ago

“..and it’s priced at only $88M dollars!”

oh really? what a STEAL!

by kimchi Pofofo 2 months ago

“If you don’t know what car you really want” that’s the richest thing I’ve ever heard

by Karina Tsang 3 weeks ago

I have full confidence that I could live my entire life there comfortably without the owner ever seeing me

by LiamGoingLive 1 year ago

This house should have maps on the walls

by Random Games 3 weeks ago

I do not need a rain shower. When my house roof leaks, I would have the same thing.

by Henry Yu 2 months ago

Did she just try to advertise 'very low electric bills' on a house that costs 88 mil and requires staff...?

by Shane 1 month ago

Wife: where do you want to go in the summer honey?
Husband: hmmm, mayby the other side of the house

by Revilo 1 year ago

What's the WiFi speed though? I'm here asking the real questions.

by kehw 1 month ago

"yEs mAsTeR" That dude is 100% a sociopath

by Tyler Majeau 1 month ago

“Ay I gotta piss where’s the bathroom?”
“Yeah it’s inside the wall over there”

by Drew Molinari 1 month ago

Real Estate guy: Only cost at 88 million dollar.

Me: Watching through my cracked screen nokia 6600

by mohamed magdy 2 months ago

I live in luxury too. My apartment has a window.

by Sneha M 1 year ago

"So your tailor can come over and do all of your fittings"
Ah. Yes. My tailor. How could I have forgotten...
sad poor people noises intensify

by Ryan Tew 2 months ago

I’d buy this and turn it into an exclusive hotel

by karen 2 weeks ago

Hilarious that they mentioned the solar panels and low electric bills, as if that’s a concern of whomever can afford this house.

by Jonathan Jacobs 1 month ago

I like how she is really collected and professional and he sounds like an excited frat boy that loves every bit of that house idunno it's a really great pairing

by Veronica Costa 2 weeks ago

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