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Inside Jessica Alba's $10M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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Cover star Jessica Alba takes us on a tour of her Los Angeles home. Her house features a fireplace custom-made for Christmas stockings, a truly impressive laundry room and a breathtaking bathroom with his and hers showers.
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Inside Jessica Alba's $10M Los Angeles Home | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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Architectural Digest photo 1 Inside Jessica Alba's $10M Los... Architectural Digest photo 2 Inside Jessica Alba's $10M Los... Architectural Digest photo 3 Inside Jessica Alba's $10M Los... Architectural Digest photo 4 Inside Jessica Alba's $10M Los...

and here I am pouring water into shampoo bottle to make it last longer.

by Ali Aziz Tarar 3 months ago

I can quarantine in that house for a year ..easily

by varun mohan 2 months ago

She ditched Hollywood and built a billion dollar empire and had a perfect family in a stunning house. She is the definition of GOALS.

by Hadeel Alshamari 2 months ago

That little boy is so easygoing. It’s like she’s carrying around a stuffed animal.

by NemeanLion 1 month ago

If you're reading this you'll own a home like this one day 🙏🏻

by Baby Pluto 1 year ago

This video inspired me to get a house like that, children like those, and a Jessica Alba

by Vinayak Mukherjee 3 weeks ago

It’s oficial: Jessica Alba doesn’t age 😂

by Super Sonico 1 month ago

She looks like the kids' sister, not mother. Beautiful house.

by MD in MD 6 days ago

"I don't know, it's your dad's family" 😂

by Catriona Bruce 2 weeks ago

Jessica Alba is almost 40, and looks like she's 18. Amazing.

by hmshyperion 4 months ago

So, Jessica stopped ageing at the age of 21. Even after having 3 children she looks amazing.

by Blending in 5 days ago

The only thing more beautiful than this home is the momma who resides in it.

by Speaking Truths 2 weeks ago

of all the houses, only this one feels being used as a normal household family living place, warm and welcoming 👍

by Shufan Ge 2 months ago

In all the other Open Doors that I've watched so far,the owners talk about artworks and pieces and who made them and don't even use their kitchen and dining rooms. I love the fact that Jessica shows us the washable chair covers and labelled laundry baskets lol!

by Cathy Blackhall 1 month ago

The loveliest part of the house is her kids and when they talk about their house and their rooms. It's so sweet and innocent.

by J YC 1 month ago

I love how Jessica Alba is so down to earth with her kids and have couch covers like we did as kids

by Alba Della verde 2 weeks ago

In a pathetic world of Hollywood where marriages are just contracts and relationships are time passes.. Its great to see people like this and THE WALL with decorated valuables

by Bharath Kumar 2 months ago

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