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#1-17-16 #00172129 uprising score #Music
00172128 UPRISING
Words and Music by Matthew Bellamy
Arranged by Tom Wallace

Arrangers' Publishing Company photo 1 UPRISING Arrangers' Publishing Company photo 2 UPRISING Arrangers' Publishing Company photo 3 UPRISING Arrangers' Publishing Company photo 4 UPRISING

Where are my drumline peeps at?!

by Goolgy Eyes 11 months ago

Playing this piece this year in drum line, scared about that drum break at the beginning tho

by Zachary Lain 2 years ago

The synthesizer sounds like something from Doctor Who or somethin

by Pam 2 years ago

It would sound really cool if a marching band did a Confident/Uprising medley.

by GeeDeeDubya 2 years ago

Band is playing this piece
Plays with song to cover mistakes I know I make

by Jake Hermanson 3 years ago

my shows order: Drag me Down, Creep, Uprising.

by Mahoutsukai1 2 years ago

Im a snare, and At me and the other snares rock back and forth while we play it and it's so cool

by Extra Account 2 years ago

My band is playing this. But too bad we are a military marching band and we don't have auxiliary percussion like the synthesizer or xylophone. (I'm an alto sax player btw)

by Sick Meme Studios 2 years ago

Baritones like me be thankful for that drum-break.

by Shadow Fry 7 months ago

My band plays this as a stand tune

by Jon P 2 years ago

This snare part is the devil

by Papa Frank 1 year ago

play this with Africa, paint it black and sound of silence.

by Karly Leavitt 2 years ago

I love the Sythesizer in this!

by Joe Jaxson 4 years ago

is when the football team runs into the field

by AMD_Hawk 7 months ago

I'm playing the marching glock for this. Both the bells part and the synth part

by Brendan Tjeerdsma 3 years ago

Omg my band needs to play this!!!

by ashwee 3 years ago

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