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Can I Get a Tattoo?

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Fr. Mike Schmitz gives us some things to consider before getting a tattoo. If we do choose to place permanent marks on our bodies, Fr. Mike advises us to make sure the marks portray values weโ€™ll always identify with and live up to, because tattoos do inevitably say something about who we are..
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The beginning of this video is such a Dad joke! :)

by CC Koko 3 years ago

He is definitely one priest I would attend church to

by La vida Linda 1 year ago

I am so proud to be a Catholic thanks God ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

by Billie 1 year ago

I pray for you Father, that you are protected in your celibacy. Amen

by joseph jackson 1 year ago

Father Mike: What are you saying with that t shirt?โ€
Me: looks down

.....I like stripes?

by Jenelle Fontenot 1 year ago

I'm an evangelical and I'm against divisions in christianity. Many blessings my brother! You speak like a true man of God.

by randy 1 year ago

I have Jesus in Aramaic on my left ribs. Very small. Couldnโ€™t see it unless I show it to you. But itโ€™s my own personal reminder than Jesus is at my side and in my heart. When times get really hard, I look at it and remember that I am his and he is mine โค๏ธ
I do have other tattoos. Some I regret. Some I donโ€™t. โค๏ธ

by Michael Makeup 1 year ago

I am a born catholic and iโ€™ve departed myself from Godโ€”I am currently striving to rebuild my relationship with him. That is how I came across your videos. Also I wish I had a priest like you in my church. God bless. โค๏ธ

by Diana Mercedes 1 year ago

This man was surely meant to be a priest from the very beginning

by Victoria Perez 9 months ago

I wish I can turn back time and not have gotten the tattoo's I have now.

by Dave M 1 year ago

Exactly why I don't have tattoos--I change my mind too easily!

by Brillemeister 1 year ago

"What we have to do whenever we read the Bible is understand the context."


by Bismarck11139 3 years ago

This guy is my priest now lol

by Apex Ashan 1 year ago

When I came home with my first tattoo, my dad looked at it, frowned, and said in a calm, even voice, 'that's a nice tattoo, and if I see another one on you, I'm taking off the limb.' I never got another one.

by Rockinghorse Winner 8 months ago

I got tattoos because I was depressed and the pain made me feel something. I was very numb after my fiance died in the military. All of my tattoos are for him and I love them all so much because I loved him and he is a part of me forever. <3

by A Starry Eyed Life 1 year ago

How does your tattoo glorify God?

Ask that before getting one.

by Adonis 1 year ago

i am not religious, but it was so interesting hearing what he had to say and how he views this

by Jaime Lynn 3 years ago

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