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McEnany defends Trump on masks, 'white power' tweet

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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany defended President Donald Trump's view of face masks, as well as his retweet of a video that included a chant of "white power," insisting he did not hear the phrase when he tweeted it. (June 29)

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Associated Press photo 1 McEnany defends Trump on masks,... Associated Press photo 2 McEnany defends Trump on masks,... Associated Press photo 3 McEnany defends Trump on masks,... Associated Press photo 4 McEnany defends Trump on masks,...

Maybe Trump will dump Pence and get David Duke to be his VP candidate. I am sure his base would approve.

by lokys1959 4 hours ago

The comments are suddenly on?

by s3tione 11 minutes ago

So, what youvl just viewed is the administration of no accountibility

by Ralph Ellison 2 hours ago

so why did he retweet the video?

by Kamn 1 hour ago

Michelle Obama was pilloried for going sleeveless..what hypocrisy
On so many levels the dress was just the easiest

by MG Massey 6 hours ago

There all freemason .this is tyranny .youtube georgia guidestones .

by peen 6 hours ago

If Trump wears a mask it might pop the bubble of his godliness. Onward Christian Worrier. Waitโ€”. Warrior.

by Kenzie T 4 hours ago

I knew Trump would be a terrible president, but he is so much worse than I imagined. And I though the GOP senators had some principles, but I was wrong on that too. What a train wreck this country has become in less than four years.

by lokys1959 4 hours ago

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