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How big can Solar Systems get?

How big do you think our solar system is? Up until Pluto? A bit beyond? How big can other solar systems get? Astrum answers!
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Image Credits, NASA/ESO/Space Engine
Music Credits, Stellardrone - Eternity
Mark LaFountain - Obscured

Astrum photo 1 How big can Solar Systems... Astrum photo 2 How big can Solar Systems... Astrum photo 3 How big can Solar Systems... Astrum photo 4 How big can Solar Systems...

Special thanks to Lara Reading for helping me with the science behind this video!

by Astrum 1 week ago

The incomprensible scale and distance is as haunting as it is fascinating

by AdrianXpression 1 week ago

That image at ... I understand it completely, but it's fascinating. Can you delve into that in a complete episode?

by Tom Fieselmann 1 week ago

As a happy, single introvert, I watch an extremely large content of science videos. I think the quality of your graphics/illustrations and information is comparable to National Geographic and PBS Nature. That's why your videos are such a treat for us science enthusiasts. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

by tim smith 1 week ago

Damn I really want to study Science and stuff but thereโ€™s so much Math.

by Ivan Almeyda 1 week ago

The Oort Cloud is a fascinating region.

by Kamal Khan 1 week ago

Thank you. In all my years I've never heard of the "hill sphere"!

by BongLeach 1 week ago

I see an Astrum notification, I click.

by Tyrandus 1 week ago

Escape velocity: the pressure of one photon.

by Randy James 1 week ago

How do multi-star systems compare in size?

by annoyed707 1 week ago

Y'know I always wonder why people call other star systems "solar" systems when our star is the only "Sol." I know it's the widely accepted name for them, it just seems odd to me.

by Nicholas Brobst 1 week ago

Me: "Wow, that's a long way".
Infinity: "Hold my beer."

by John 1 week ago

An "effectively" infinite distance between two bodies should be possible due to cosmological expansion, right? The strength of the gravitational force would weaken and approach zero kind of like how light waves redshift as the object approaches the cosmological horizon. So the 'orbit' would look more like a hyperbola approaching a straight line?

by bajr 1 week ago

Does every star have an "Orth Cloud" of their own?

by Alex Santos 1 week ago

the expansion of the universe could come into play there, though.

by Klaus Gartenstiel 1 week ago

In a universe with one star and one orbiting object. The object would not need to be "infinitely" far away to escape, it would only need to achieve a distance that would put over the "cosmic horizon" assuming this made up universe is expanding like our own.

by Catchable Orphan 1 week ago

I always like to wonder if the largest star in the universe "R1" might have hundreds of planets!

by Kc Flick 1 week ago

Wishing you all abundance of love and knowledge. Remember, where you go, wherever you are, always know! someone you don't know is wishing you the best.

by Playah Ship 1 week ago

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