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ATEEZ(에이티즈) BY. HONGJOONG #3 – Black or White (Original. Michael Jackson)

ATEEZ photo 1 ATEEZ(에이티즈) BY. HONGJOONG #3 –... ATEEZ photo 2 ATEEZ(에이티즈) BY. HONGJOONG #3 –... ATEEZ photo 3 ATEEZ(에이티즈) BY. HONGJOONG #3 –... ATEEZ photo 4 ATEEZ(에이티즈) BY. HONGJOONG #3 –...

“When MJ was alive he emphasized social issues and I want to continue that.” -Kim Hongjoong

by chicken adobo 2 weeks ago

I have a message for all my fellow Atinys:

I just wanted to highlight once again Hongjoong's message here, the fact that he chose this song, that he took his time to explain the lyrics and to completely make it his own.
He chose to bring up this serious topic, that many are still facing everyday.... racism.
When we think racism doesn't exist anymore, that this topic has been overtalked about, please remember...today we lost another life.
Innocent souls are getting murdered everyday in their homecountry because of the colour of their skin.

I am an arab woman, I was born and I live in europe, I've had some little experiences with racism here and there but nothing compares to what some black americans are facing everyday.
I can't imagine being afraid of leaving the security of my house,
I can't imagine not being able to trust the cops for my safety,
I can't imagine how terrible would it be to say bye to my family member and having it be the last goodbye I'd ever tell them.

If there's any black atiny reading this, I stand with you.
Ateez are with you.

I'm so glad Hongjoong covered this one song in particular,

by Lucia faro 1 week ago

I think now's a very good time to address this issue on racism. The issue that's been going on not only in America, but in the whole world for more than 400 years now. Michael Jackson said "it don't matter if you're black or white", now we have Hongjoong covering this song. These musicians use music as a platform to raise awareness about issues they strongly believe in, because they want to deliver that message to their fans. And I'm proud to call myself an Atiny because we are blessed to stan such amazing people who aren't afraid to speak up. Many of you should know what is happening in America right now. It's time we start to raise awareness about and finally give this group of people the equality they've been denied of for more than 400 years.

by _renee.ssance_ 1 week ago

There’s so many non atinys in the comments it’s kind of scary but also like thank you for giving Hongjoong a chance

by I Sued Min Yoongi 1 week ago

I'm Black, he's Asian, you're probably White/Latin/Hispanic/Black/Asian/Mixed, but it doesn't matter cause Hong Joong said so

by RoSeGod 1 week ago

hongjoong is literally carrying the whole KQ on his shoulders, just look at him, he is doing everything LIKE EVERYTHING, he even planned what to do during shoot, i can't believe him, he just- DESERVES ALL THE LOVE IN THE WORLD

by smoothie baby 2 weeks ago

its sad to say i didn't even know you guys, and when i saw this i clicked on it and now, I love it.. i was sad and frustrated all morning and this song made me smile a bit, thank you,

PS. i subscribed .......

by Lamoi Bell 1 week ago

Idk if im the first person of color in the comments but i just wanna say how much i appreciate this. Ive been becoming a fan of ATEEZ more and more because im veryyyyy picky with my kpop sorry to say but THIS ?!! First off as a Michael stan this was FANTASTIC and see hong joong so determined to make sure it was good ? I love this and we are all equal. We are ONE ! It doesnt matter if your black or white (all races included)

by Dayshaa Nicole Jones 1 week ago

We really need more people like Hongjoong in this world...

by Tiv 1 week ago

He seems such a special person idk how to describe it really but there's something comfortable? about him. Regardless of the style, I'm glad he chose this song and connected with its message to share his interpretation with a new audience. I'm a huge fan of MJ and a new fan of ATEEZ, Hongjoong is the one brought me into the group and I'm excited to learn more about them!

by Skylion 1 week ago

ateez are probably one of the only idol groups that actually and fully aware of their surroundings and their audience. they speak out about issues of race, gender equality, sexual orientation, social class, etc. they're also not "fake woke". they believe in their message, and are not ashamed in addressing it publicly. i don't know about you, but there is a reason why they are constantly tagged as the 4th generation's leaders

by Lulu Ntuli 2 weeks ago

It is impossible to hate Hongjoong. He is not only the leader, he produces songs, raps, sings and do the best covers! Joong doesn`t even speak english the best, but he made this cover amazing and really cute by his accent. He is a part of The Polished Man, for kids who are abused or die, Joong is the best leader. Atinys are really proud of you Joong!

by seonghwa luv 1 week ago

As a half black and MJ stan at the same time. I really appreciate that hong took the time, thought, and effort into this song. It's different and that's what makes it an actual cover, an actual artist puts their own effort into a cover instead of just copying the original artists work. I know Michael would've probably really enjoyed the thought joongie had for this :)

by itz just someone 1 week ago

ATEEZ are so lucky to have such a talented, respectful, and warm-hearted leader

by Haley I 1 week ago

I like it. It's outside of the box and unique. THAT is a producer. He makes EVERYTHING his own, man. That's what it takes to make it anywhere. Ateez in it's entirety is extraordinary. Hongjoong really has his own flavor, and these boys are all their own. =) they came together perfectly.

by The Dragonborn Princess 1 week ago

No other fandom is getting the type of content we are getting this quarantine. Atiny, we’ve won

by 사프사랑해 2 weeks ago

The original song brought me here, and am not disappointed at all

by Mike DoesitNatural 1 week ago

In a single video you can see the many sides and talents hongjoong has, he's a person full of art, he puts a part of himself on all the things he does and on top of that he's aware of social matters and it's not afraid about speaking out about it, he has my respect, hongjoong amd ateez deserves all the recognition they are getting and so much more, I want to see them grow more and more in the future, i will support them very proudly ♥️

by i- covergirl 1 week ago

The 237 people who disliked this song didn't understand Hongjoong's message at all. I feel sorry for you.

by Eboshi Onna 1 day ago

Hongjoong has fought injustices without being asked. He is using his position as an influencer to spread awareness on as many issues as he finds relevant. Today I sat and thought to myself where exactly our beloved ATEEZ stood on the whole Black Lives Matter situation and wondered why they haven't said anything yet. I then realized our dear leader has been doing this shit all along, without prompt, without nothing. If I say I AM SO DAMN PROUD TO BE AN ATINY, trust that it is truly from the absolute bottom of my heart. Y'all should go ahead and search up all the other things these man oh so subtly does to send a message. I GENUINELY LOVE THIS MAN AND YOU ALL SHOULD TOO.

by Yolandah T 2 days ago

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