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The Interview - August Alsina and Angela Yee

August Alsina and Angela Yee sit down for an in depth interview discussing his new album The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy, documentary and much more..
Listen to the new album "The Product III: stateofEMERGEncy" -.
Watch the documentary "stateofEMERGEncy: The Rise of August Alsina" - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAoDyg1Dg0rngTn3KgPrbN7ctJsEdiSUd
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August Alsina photo 1 The Interview - August Alsina... August Alsina photo 2 The Interview - August Alsina... August Alsina photo 3 The Interview - August Alsina... August Alsina photo 4 The Interview - August Alsina...

- Documentary
- Tupac
- His Mom
- His Pain
- Him Being Molested
- Love Life (Jada Pinkett)
- His Sister
- Nieces
- His Sickness
- His Health
- Black People's Oppression
- Nola (From The Album)
- His Dad
-46-40 The Documentary
- Reactions of being sick
- Anxiety
- His Hobbies
- Him not eating box
- Prior Lips Service Podcast
- He eat box now
- Him not eating ass
- Demi-sexual
-58-20 Him Wanting Love

by Delancy Leek 2 hours ago

I need to say- I'm glad to see Angela Yee in her interview bag especially since everyone seems to think she needs Charlemagne the God. This was a great interview because she didn't interrupt and made August feel comfortable to share

by Mys'triii Music 8 hours ago

I just wanna acknowledge Angela Yee's beauty and how she's really listening to him and taking the time to understand him and his story.

by Dumbout Boyz 8 hours ago

He goes so deep in this interview. So genuine, so honest, so loving. I hate he was taken in by Jada. He never put blame on anyone and acknowledge his own involvement in everything. Much love, August. Continuing fan!

by Chenitha Ellis 8 hours ago

This was dope interview. I just hate the fact that everbody is so caisght upnon the jada P situation. Everybody is grown. It is what was.

by Tisha Scott 7 hours ago

At is where he speaks about Jada. That being said, the ENTIRE interview is an exceptional piece of art. About to go do my part and stream his music because he deserves all the blessings.

by Samie-mae Horton 5 hours ago

1st of GOD BLESS THIS young man & his journey n life, He was wrong fooling around with a married woman, regardless of the arrangement. & got himself hurt messing around with her, because she was going 2 choose Will & her family over him with no thought, life learning lesson.......

by Timothy Pack 2 hours ago

Too much sadness in this man's life. I Hope he can laugh a little and enjoy life. Life shouldn't be this dark and serious

by soliye u 5 hours ago

Honestly I only came here because I wanted to hear him tell his side about him and Jada but this interview is way more then his relationship with Jada and some-people just listen and hear what they want to instead of seeing the bigger picture

by Angel Rosales 5 hours ago

August- "What happens when you are tired of being strong? What happens when you are actually weak?"

That right there hit my heart like a ton of bricks!

by Tamara Elvin 5 hours ago

He has alot of faith,and God will heal him completely in his health and heart.

by Candice 1 hour ago

People this deep donโ€™t live long - they too good for this earth. They are like angels walking amongst us

by Ms G 7 hours ago

Whewww!!! He spoke a word when he said that being silent and holding things in can literally affect your physical health!!!!!! Ppl donโ€™t even realize how much power is in releasing things youโ€™re holding in! Blessings to Him ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

by Cedria Halyard 7 hours ago

Wow. This is seriously a powerful man! The healing path he found for himself should be a necessity in adulthood.

by carolyn denise 5 hours ago

The level of vulnerability and genuineness he shows is almost spiritual. He was respectful, loving, and raw with the ease of a breath.

by Esther Bradley 2 hours ago

Is it me or do you hear a little Jada in him as he talks as she does especially on red table talk. Wow!!!

by Jermy Gillum 4 hours ago

I feel bad for this man, he seems very sad and broken.๐Ÿ˜ž

by marie william 5 hours ago

Don't you just want to hold him and tell him it's going to be OK ๐Ÿ˜ญ

by Jessica Aliphon 8 hours ago

I am proud of the Man he has become, I love how he is living in his truth, he has spoke on so many things we all deal with in this human experience. His vulnerability is so commendable, it's ok to let it out!! I pray for him, alot of people might not be okay with him speaking up... God keep this man protected because he is the light we need to see in this world...Oh and the album is ๐Ÿ”ฅ..Thank you August๐Ÿ’—

by SexyPisces 5 hours ago

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