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June 29th's Pokemon Home / Raid Den Update Pokemon Sword & Shield

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I swear though Austin smooothly sliding into someone’s dms while 18k people are watching is the funniest thing every to me

by Emily 3 hours ago

It’s broke because so many people are absolute Kings Of Ycomm

by Osiris 4 hours ago

The server maintenance is still being substandard here... rip shiny cat

by cain 4 hours ago

Min min broke my voice, zeraora broke my home

by PFSnypr 4 hours ago

its up
check when everyone sees this home is back up

by Rod Andele 2 hours ago


by ImAMuffinguy 4 hours ago

Lmao he snapped and realized it was live

by rubz41 4 hours ago

Too be honest Max raid battles are too slow and aren't that cool anymore. They get boring fast. Too gimmicky. Miss having mega evolutions and legendary pokemon to catch in hidden areas

by Pauly Pipes 3 hours ago

The last time I was this early was at the line at Disney world to the bathroom

by Jayden The bomb 4 hours ago

This was the first ever stream that I’ve watched the whole thing! (Compliment 😊)

by BlackPink :3 4 hours ago

Breaking news! Local Zeraora has broken pokemon home and the police are investigating the crime right now. The zeraora will be arrested and cloned, then given away to trainers.

by Lapis Lazuli 4 hours ago

If they don't extend the time for zeraora by at least a day for all of this mess,imma be severely disappointed.

by Austin Henderson 3 hours ago

It was so fun to watch the stream! Ty!

by Antonio S 4 hours ago

Things to do while waiting!!!! 1: fill up the pokedex 2: play on a new account to get 2nd urushifu 3: shiny hunt!

by Lvl2Mankey 3 hours ago

Despite being available now, I can’t even bring the Zeraora to a link battle because the game thinks it’s hacked -_-

by Andrew Cordero 52 minutes ago

Oh, 2,5h announcement 😂

by Jan 4 hours ago

Is it just me or did everyone else get a zeraora with perfect IV’s?

by Roy Rockets 1 hour ago

6 hours later and I was just able to get mine. Finally!

by DiverseFlares 1 hour ago

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