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[WR] 🔥 Avenger VS Redeemer - Mk2 Maxed Comparison | War Robots

#War Robots Comparison #War Robots Avenger Ao Jun #War Robots #Robots Redeemer #Gaming
Hello to every fellow commander and thanks for tuning in!
In this video I will be presenting a comparison between Avenger (sharpshooter) and Redeemer on Ao Jun. Hope you guys enjoy.
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AYGIR photo 1 [WR] 🔥 Avenger VS Redeemer... AYGIR photo 2 [WR] 🔥 Avenger VS Redeemer... AYGIR photo 3 [WR] 🔥 Avenger VS Redeemer... AYGIR photo 4 [WR] 🔥 Avenger VS Redeemer...

Thanks I was looking for a comparison like this

by Bryan Girón 4 months ago

I have both setups mk2 with au jun legendary pilots and pilot skills, etc. The redeemer version is crazy with 2x thermonuclear modules, etc. Double tap most robots before they even have time to react.

by Atillathehun 4 months ago

I'll still choose the Redeemer the feeling of two hit kill an opponent is awesome.

by Teishaphrang 4 months ago

Hey man....since the shotguns are gonna be severely nerfed can you revisit many of the comparisons? I'm feeling Magnums are gonna start making a comeback. I'd like to see a backup for my Invader

by Collin Cutler 4 months ago

Redeemers are more difficult to aquire

by The Niribu 4 months ago

I just love my Redeemers Ao Jun ,my Redeemers are MK2 lvl4 now...Now i have 3 x Redeemer Falcon too ,those Redeemers are 2 x MK2 lvl4 and one is MK1 lvl9 now ⚒️☠️⚒️

by ЩЩR J̷ЦÐǤЄ1976 4 months ago

nice teaming up randomly with you man RAPTOR here...

by HARRIS DEEPHOUSE 4 months ago

Great stuff man, as always. I shared this with my clan.

by Wayne Barakat 2 months ago

Thanks Ayir!! If I can request a video, can you focus on Titans and which robots/ weapon setups do good and which ones do not.

by RUSSELL YT 4 months ago

Great gameplay and video. And a great comparison

by Elio Marino 4 months ago

I use redeemer and avenger Both mk2 level 7 on my ao jun it’s a pretty OP SETUP ITS CRAZY DUDE

by The foreignsnipe 1 1 month ago

Hi, big fan of your vids🤙
Can u please do Ravana with Hussar weapons? Thnx!

by G2H WR 4 months ago

Hi AYGIR can you test atomizer vs storm it will be interesting to see how they compere

by Pelkin • 4 months ago

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