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jeffree star bashing kylie’s brand

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welcome to our first tea spill
DISCLAIMER: We don’t hate anyone on our channel it’s all for the laughs.

basic tea photo 1 jeffree star bashing kylie’s brand basic tea photo 2 jeffree star bashing kylie’s brand basic tea photo 3 jeffree star bashing kylie’s brand basic tea photo 4 jeffree star bashing kylie’s brand

he doesn’t mention kylie’s name personally at all, so he’s not bashing her. he only mentions her name as a brand and i think that shows how professional jeffree is.

by Karlie W 4 months ago

Now he’s living right next to her...in a bigger house...with a better brand

by Maggie McLaughlin 5 months ago

The brush roll looks like an emergency blanket.

by Alle Franz 4 months ago

Kris jenner needs an award for making all of her talentless children Billionaires

by Kayla xo 1 month ago

I told my cousin she can have any make-up piece set for her 21st birthday, when she was about to click for that shitty makeup brush collection I told her "It's not jeffrey star approved, I'm not paying for that bullshit."

by NineTiNine 9•T•9 1 month ago

His hate for Kylie Jenner is one of the reasons I have started liking Jeffrie Star.

by L tilli 4 months ago

I can’t believe he was kicked off the PR list for being honest

by Leisha 1 month ago

I truly can’t understand how people fall for “brand” names. What are you trying to prove? Stop wasting money you don’t have on stupid people.

by Cindy Madrid 4 months ago

"Bashing" he is going very easy on Kylie for creating such a trash product.

by Estwood 5 months ago

I sell handbags and vegan leather should never be 300+ dollars.

by Regina Pozzi 4 months ago

That's how Khadasians and Jenner's make money, by being cheap and tacky

by Marie Watch me 4 months ago

The thing I love the most about Jeffree is how he's literally a bazillionaire, but he still does reviews with the mindset of someone who's not in mind

by teenaged stepdad 1 week ago

He’s not bashing anyone.


by Arturo Esquivel 6 months ago

I thought I was having a stroke, but no you just repeated the clip lol

by KyleThePolarBear 2 months ago

His facial expressions towards the products could wipe out her company

by Mara Beckstrom 4 months ago

Like she’s a billionaire her products look like they’ve just walked out of Claire’s

by Olivia Searle 4 months ago

“It looks like the stuff they did in science when they were like ooooooeeeee” IM ROLLLLLINGGGGG😂

by G M 1 month ago

Sometimes i dislike jeffree but he never fails to be highly entretaining.

by Renata Lemus 5 months ago

Kylie's makeup line sucks, period. Her lipsticks are by far THE WORST.

by Erin E 4 months ago

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