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10 TOP Natural History Moments | BBC Earth

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This Earth Day, stay in and explore the beauty, drama and spectacle of our natural world with 50 incredible natural history moments from BBC Earth based on what you've been liking and sharing. This is the last of five videos.
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Lion Attacked by Clan of Hyenas - Dynasties
Iguana vs Snakes - Planet Earth II
Spy Monkey Mistaken for Dead Baby and Mourned by Troop - Spy In The Wild
Wild Polar Bear Tries To Break In - Polar Bear Family and Me
Kung Fu Mantis Vs Jumping Spider - Life Story
Amazing Crabs Shell Exchange - Life Story
Attenborough: the amazing Lyre Bird sings like a chainsaw! - Life of Birds
Wild Hamster Has A Graveyard Feast - Seven Worlds, One Planet
Tiny Penguin Makes a Deadly Dash From Giant Leopard Seal - Seven Worlds, One Planet
Penguin Chicks' Stand-Off Against Predator - Spy In The Snow
Welcome to BBC EARTH! The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder. Here you'll find 50 years worth of entertaining and thought-provoking natural history content. Dramatic, rare, and exclusive, nature doesn't get more exciting than this.
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Everybody gangsta till the Adeli Penguin rolls up.

Edit: Thanks for the likes.

by Acemaffbaff 251 1 month ago

Can we all just take a small time out of our days to appreciate how penguins even though they are technically different from each other they still look out for the chicks? Like that little man came running up being like โ€œ you really picking on children ? Well taste my flipperโ€!

by Mr Ham sandwich 2 weeks ago

Letโ€™s admit we didnโ€™t search for this but we needed it

by Aldrick Castillo 1 week ago

The entire iguana vs snakes part feels taken straight up from an action movie

by AACMBirdzilla23 2 weeks ago

bruh they really filming a hamster stealing from a grave LOL

by Tyrues 6 days ago

Did that penguin just talked his way out of being eaten?

by Jivy 1 month ago

Plot twist: this is all fake and these animals are paid actors

by Dave4real 2 weeks ago

The fact that a bird can imitate a chainsaw perfectly is beyond otherworldly...

by Swaggmire215 1 week ago

Plot twist: The Polar Bear was trying to help the human escape the box

by Wolf 1 week ago

polar bear: when your coke gets stuck in the vending machine.

by easyMEDIA 1 week ago

100 snakes trying to kill you
- Iguana: Parkour time

by Julian 3 weeks ago

So that monkey gonna think all his life that he murdered somebody

by Dr. Med den Rasen 2 weeks ago

That lizard running from the snakes is a literal horror movie.

by Teeney Peabody 2 weeks ago

that penguin straight up talked the seal out of eating him.

by Jake Blues 2 weeks ago

*Giant Petrel attacks baby penguins *

Adele Penguins: Hello from the other side

by Dave4real 2 weeks ago

Everybody gangsta till the lyre bird makes glock noises

by Nostal gic 3 weeks ago



by Jack Daly 3 days ago

Spider: lemme eat ya
Mantis: I know kungfu, u sure mate?
Spider: cool cool no doubt, take care
Mantis: thnks u too mate
Bigger mantis: surprise mothafu....

by Aniesh Das 2 weeks ago

The lions got me choked up. You can see the fear in his eyes and the look of concern on his partnerโ€™s face. The way they bonded at the end. It was so emotional, I felt like I was watching two humans. Their eyes are so like ours.

by RowanLoneWolf 2 weeks ago

deer in the background be like - "Lion, now you know what it feels like" lol

by Shivam Maharshi 1 week ago

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