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Could building homes over railway lines help London's housing crisis?- BBC London

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Building new homes over railway lines is the most recent plan to help solve London's housing crisis..
One architect says the idea could see as many as 250,000 properties created.
Caroline Davies reports.

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BBC London photo 1 Could building homes over railway... BBC London photo 2 Could building homes over railway... BBC London photo 3 Could building homes over railway... BBC London photo 4 Could building homes over railway...

Nothing will fix London's housing crisis, until you end hyper centralisation of London and start investing in tier 2 cities, in other words creating equal opportunities in places other than London.

by Ramo Chai 1 year ago

So more russian oligarchs can buy them and leave them empty until they die. Fantastic.

by Binary Signals 1 year ago

it's not just building more homes, it's making sure first time buyers can afford them, and ensure people who buy them are living in them, not buying them to increase their property portfolio, or using it as a buy-to-let property - let homes be for living, not making a living!

by onesamo 1 year ago

Most of them homes no one can afford anyway so rubbish

by philip agyapong 1 year ago

Thereโ€™s plenty of housing and empty housing all throughout London. The problem is nobody can afford them

by Leon Zane 1 year ago

Making houses is useless if no one can actually afford to live in them.
Thats what the "just build more housing" types dont get.

by Phantom Thief Irwin 1 year ago

Nah. Itโ€™s not about space is about affordability. London needs affordable housing.

by E.C. 1 year ago

The British have always been strategic. I am sure they will and have found a way to deal with the housing crisis

by bengalibadass 1 year ago

Bollocks bollocks bollocks!!!! Reverse council home sell offs, ban foreign property owners, ban empty properties.

by Ian Brown 1 year ago

Developments for those foreign investors who then rent them out at unaffordable prices.

by a 1 year ago

Building homes over railways is a good idea as long as the buildings are stable, house lots of people and ensure that there will be a fire exit from the railway incase the worse happens

by wclifton968 1 year ago

Having profitable business outside of London would distribute the population mass.

by Good luck everyone 1 year ago

Yes, but are they AFFORDABLE which means under 200 grand and within the scope of young adults to purchase without the need of these ridiculous shared ownership plans?

by Liam S 1 year ago

My family can't park on the street that they are building the house because of that work.

by Maryam Kadir 1 year ago

This is madness! Itโ€™s becoming like a shanty town or a favella but in high rise flat form! There needs to be incentives for people and businesses based in other cities or something to stop the obsession with specifically in London. Quality of life so much better in other cities at this rate, and cheaper too!

by Rachel Harris 1 year ago

More house's for dodgy Chinese and russian money to be brought in. Have a look at newly built appartments in London at night and 90% of the light's will be off. They are purchased by foreign investors and left empty occasionally checked by someone. After a few year's they are sold for profit. This is how the property market has been inflated in London in particular and when or if that's stopped we will be back in recession.

by Mr M 1 year ago

Why not green space over a rail network to create corridors of parks around cities

by COZEN 1 year ago

My landlord is TFL, arches under tube London Underground station, , they cashing the ๐Ÿฎ big time

by Ol lac 1 year ago

Well, Japan build the trains AFTER the buildings, so I can't see why we can't do it the other way round...

by Lonely Melon 1 year ago

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