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COP21: Why do two degrees matter? - BBC News

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BBC environment correspondent Matt McGrath assesses why a 2C increase in global average temperatures is seen as the gateway to dangerous warming.
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BBC News photo 1 COP21: Why do two degrees... BBC News photo 2 COP21: Why do two degrees... BBC News photo 3 COP21: Why do two degrees... BBC News photo 4 COP21: Why do two degrees...

Anyone know the song?

by Rob B 4 years ago

The politicians wanted that number! Scientists always said we have to reach the lowest number possible. I am sure the BBC does not want to lie, but this is some kind of disinformation.

by pcuimac 4 years ago

Keep drinking the cool aid and pay your carbon tax.

by J Loftus 4 years ago

The Medieval Warm Period (before official records were taken) exhibited temperatures 4 to 5 degrees warmer than today. No industrialisation back then, no cars, no coal fueled power stations... so what gives? No really, can anyone explain that? I'd like to know.

by Sam B 4 years ago

Save Our Planet - Sharing, Justice and Peace for all.

by Vance H 4 years ago

There is so much wrong here it's hard to know where to begin; good thing there is actual data to refute this BS. First, tide gauges show a constant 2.8mm per year rise in sea level just about all over. There have been small fluctuations but the trend is at around 2.8mm/year. NASA has changed the data to show a faster rise. In 1982 they reported no rise since 1950 but their current graphs show about 3 times as much rise for the same time period. In the past thousand years sea levels have risen 400ft with the rate slowing way down around 800 years ago to what we see today. So the sea rose much faster in the past without man's help. CO2, can't possible be causing global warming because rising CO2 follows warming. Three separate ice core data set prove this. It doesn't drive temperature it follows temperature. The thing that has caused warming is again NOAA and NASA tampering with data; their own data!! They have used models to erase much warmer periods in the past, like the Bronze Age or the Middle Ages and they've added warming that isn't occurring. If you look and the actual date you see that the Earth has been much warmer in the past before increases in CO2. Now, we have heard all of this doom and gloom before from this clown show. In the 70s the same climate events were blamed on global cooling. The Arctic Sea ice was suppose to be gone by 2013 or 2014. Arctic Sea ice is growing and is thicker. Manhattan is supposed to be already under water. When model predictions keep ending up wrong you have to, at some point, question the models and maybe the motives of those making the models that are constantly wrong.

by Martin Gillette 2 years ago

COP21. aka. Agenda 21

by # 4 years ago

In the UK we have to pay a TV tax of £145.50 ($222.26) and they put this propaganda on despite the fact there has never been a single correct prediction by a climate scientist

by Without prejudice 4 years ago

Its funny how videos like this bring out the ignorant claim CC is a hoax. But when you ask them to back up any of there claims with data to show, why they are as bereft at producing any as a theist is to producing evidence for a god.

by logik100 4 years ago

if it becomes true, we're coming after you deniers with a machete or your children... not really. i don't even have a machete.

by Straight Outta Markarth 4 years ago

Total utter nonsense, I thought the ice caps meted away years ago just ask Al gore. Biggest scam in history.

by SERVO DESTROYER 4 years ago

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