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Why Chris Pine’s penis needs a cultural movement - BBC

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Chris Pine tells Graham Norton about his full frontal nude scene in his new film, Outlaw King, and the tweet storm that kicked up on twitter about it..
Graham is joined by Sir Michael Caine, talking about his memoir Blowing the Bloody Doors Off: And Other Lessons in Life, Hollywood star Chris Pine, starring in the Netflix movie Outlaw King, actor Rami Malek, who plays Freddie Mercury in Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, and double Oscar winner Sally Field, talking about her autobiography In Pieces. With music from Christine and the Queens, who perform their current single 5 Dollars.
The Graham Norton Show | Series 24 Episode 4 | BBC
#thegrahamnortonshow #grahamnorton
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BBC photo 1 Why Chris Pine’s penis needs... BBC photo 2 Why Chris Pine’s penis needs... BBC photo 3 Why Chris Pine’s penis needs... BBC photo 4 Why Chris Pine’s penis needs...

Aunt May, Captain Kirk and Freddie Mercury walk into a bar...

by geniusfollower 1 year ago

Chris Pine got old, but still looks fine af!

by Denis 1 year ago

I feel like Chris pine being old came on really suddenly out of no where. (Not a bad thing btw he’s ageing with grace and looks fine af)

by Stefanella Sizzarettia 1 year ago

Chris pine is literally the man I would switch sides for

by Sam Spock 1 year ago

Aunt May, Captain Kirk/Steve Trevor, and Mr. Robot/Freddie Mercury on the same couch...

by usc trojans1987 1 year ago

what a beautiful specimem...chris pine

by Bulbu Gaby 1 year ago

Now everyone know that Chris Pine is the male of the species.

by Jacob Roberts 1 year ago

I was just watching and realised I'd seen all these people in real life.

by Tara Farrell 1 year ago

I met Sally Field while working on the film "Surrender". She was a wonderful person, signed my crew badge "Love and Kisses", and treated my dad and brother-in-law like family when I introduced her to them at the airport.

Sally, if by any chance you see this.... I want to thank you again for your wonderful kindness, my late father talked about meeting you all the way to his passing. My brother in law still gets all girly when he recounts meeting you, and I still have that crew badge.

Love and kisses, Tony

by The Bman 1 year ago

Chris Pine is the best Chris. And if you don’t agree that’s fine, I’ll have him all to myself! 😂😂

by Mel D 1 year ago

I like Chris looks here. :) Mature and sexy... lol...

by leena 1 year ago

i like both strokes... i'll take whatever he gives me tbh

by Tadashi Stark 1 year ago

Chris Pine is fine af I want a daddy like him 😜

by Alex Shuysky 1 year ago

His eyes.... oooh, dreamy af!!!

by C K 1 year ago

Sally Field, president of Chris Pine nude fan club

by the alaskan 1 year ago

This is offensive to Scotland if it isn't 10 inches.

by Dog's Opinion 1 year ago

How tf did Chris Pine end up in my dream last night?!?!? And he was my boyfriend!!!!!! Should’ve been real 😭😭😭😭😭

by Henry Louie 1 year ago

In terms of looks, Chris Pine today is what Brad Pitt was yesterday?

by rolito cupino 9 months ago

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