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Let's talk about President Trump's denials....

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Beau of the Fifth Column photo 1 Let's talk about President Trump's... Beau of the Fifth Column photo 2 Let's talk about President Trump's... Beau of the Fifth Column photo 3 Let's talk about President Trump's... Beau of the Fifth Column photo 4 Let's talk about President Trump's...

It was a dog whistle, just like all the other racist statements he's made.

by Bell's Theorem 4 hours ago

... as a mexican congress woman told then mexican president nieto: "are you plain corrupt or just inept?, you do not have to answer, just keep it to yourself! ". I think this phrase applies

by enrman 4 hours ago

Trump isn't a dog whistle, he's a Nazi air raid siren. And, he's an open domestic enemy of the constitution and the citizens of the USA.

by Jake Forrester 3 hours ago

You know how it's true: Trump is denying it. He's not suing them for a false slander. The most sue-happy person in history isn't suing them, he's saying "Nuh uh!"

by Jeremiah Rylee 4 hours ago

His supporters donโ€™t care or they just believed in whatever sewage come out of this mouth.

by Holy God 5 hours ago

I think the most telling comment was "..now that he knows, whats his response..? "... that says it all..... nothing... a complete and utter betrayal of his soldiers, his people, his country.

by Vaughn Macphail 4 hours ago

If he didnโ€™t hear it, he shouldnโ€™t be president. If he did hear it, he shouldnโ€™t be president.

by BanG 4 hours ago

Point of fact. Most of Trumps assets are funded by Russian money since no one else will lend him money. Moat of Trumps actions favor Russia. In simple terms, follow the money.

by Douglas Miles 4 hours ago

We know heโ€™s a racist. I think he tweeted that out to distract us from Russia bounty situation. He wants to control the narrative and I donโ€™t understand why these FOOLS still support him. When is enough, ENOUGH ?

by Tony S 4 hours ago

โ€œI love stupid people and stupid people love me.โ€

- President Clorox

by Biggus Dickus 4 hours ago

No need to say the president of the United States, just trump is more than enough.

by Nirvacho Ritchy 4 hours ago

Embarrassment requires shame and this
"person" , has no shame.

by zeke 11 4 hours ago

I hope everyone who actually loves this country understands we're at he precipice of stopping the 20th century's hitler and gets the vote out.

This country will never recover from 4 more years.

by stealth baller 4 hours ago

Imagine thinking you look like a bad ass riding in a golf-cart parade

by Big Brother 4 hours ago

Good Talk... I am leary of the talk that this will change his base... I am 50 and no longer surprised by people... If anything it reveal just exactly who the base is and where they stand... Revelation is Necessary for change... Remember : " When people show you who they are, Believe Them " Keep up the Good Work Brother ๐Ÿ‘

by Noble Lee 4 hours ago

He is just trying to divide the country/world as much as possible!

by Phil 488 Pista 4 hours ago

Trust me President Alt-Right knew Exactly what he was doing when he tweeted that

by Awakened Anarchism 4 hours ago

Remember the good old days when Obama was a bad president for wearing the wrong colored suit?

by Brett Perry 4 hours ago

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