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Supreme Betrayal | Ep. 1042

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Chief Justice John Roberts plays legal games to strike down another pro-life law; corporations pull back from social media to avoid political blowback; and covid continues to spike.
3:11 - Chief Justice Roberts betrays conservatism on the Supreme Court
27:17 - A Culture of Rights
42:04 - Sweeping Reddit bans threaten free speech
47:38 - Not Racist vs Anti-Racist
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They went after academia first to undermined the only authority that could be used to call bullshit on the presence of systemic racism.

by C _ 2 days ago

These judges were huge disappointments. Roberts has been the worst though. I’m embarrassed that I went to law school when I see these activists judges. I’ve been putting out some content to fight back against the liberals!

by Making the Case with Mario Fratto 2 days ago

I think the reason why I respect Ben Shapiro so much is that commen sense (sadly) isn't that common anymore, he speaks the truth and when asked a question is honest and is straight to the point, he doesn't do what liberals do and answer other questions, blow up, and tip toe around the truth (bc they know they'll be wrong), Ben doesn't only answer straight and to the point but he sites his sources and are all based off of history which (if you get the real history books that aren't made by manipulative liberals) are very reliable, the best part is that he's young so he has more time to help spit straight up facts to the new and sadly screwed up generation, this generation needs to hear more people like Ben Shapiro, being part of the new generation, it's crazy to see how these people are acting and how they think they are "correct". LET'S GO BEN!!

by Aleena ??? 2 days ago

Jefferson warned everyone about the Supreme Court.

by Braveheart0484 2 days ago

Did it ever occur to the left that the favorite Supreme Court Justice of every right wing white guy in America is, a BLACK MAN?

by goofyfoot2001 2 days ago

Savage critique. Beautiful. How do we get Roberts to resign his post before election?

by Kurry Stap 2 days ago

Interesting, since abortion is the only surgery where someone dies every time.

by Ramjambammam Dude 2 days ago

Can we all consent to the fact that Ben needs to be the main advisor to the President?

by Patrick Allen 2 days ago

Whether you're pro choice or pro life, that was a bad decision. The issue wasn't that the clinic shouldn't have admitting privileges to operate (they should), but whether or not they can be refused admitting privileges at local hospitals because those hospitals disapprove of the procedure. A fine distinction, but in my book a relevant one.

by BeholderThe1st 2 days ago

Robert's is a coward who's real motivation is to play middle road deciding vote boy.

by Brian Lewis 2 days ago

We need to clean the entire governement out. Too many career politicians, too many backroom deals, and too many lying, corrupt, power hungry people running the show. We need a Conservative Constitutional party, get rid of the two party system.

by Micah Lee 2 days ago

I saw an Instagram post today where they were associating veganism with white supremacy 🤣🤣. They are attacking their own.

by mike101 2 days ago

‘If liberty means anything at all it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.’ ~ George Orwell

by Natasha S. 2 days ago

Hey Ben, some lady on “The Guardian” said being racist is white people’ status quo. Do you agree or disagree? I’d love to hear a response 💙

by Maxwell Carroll 2 days ago

Maybe we do need another civil war? I'd fight against the left if they're planning this fascism .

by Tim Whiting 2 days ago

They're going to hit us with another virus that has a 30% mortality rate once people start to revolt against the regime of restrictions. Look up the Ghanan president's address to his people.

by W W 2 days ago

Can we just have like 100,000 shapiros running the federal government.

by Jeremy Williams 2 days ago

Roberts flew to Epstein’s island on
3/22/10 and again on 2/10/11.

The deep state is black mailing him.

by Phatback Beat 2 days ago

John Roberts is the epitome of the assertion that conservatism is progressivism driving the speed limit.

by Jeb! 2 days ago

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