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(FREE) Bryson Tiller x Roddy Ricch Type Beat - "Pour Sum Drank"

BENJII YANG photo 1 (FREE) Bryson Tiller x Roddy... BENJII YANG photo 2 (FREE) Bryson Tiller x Roddy... BENJII YANG photo 3 (FREE) Bryson Tiller x Roddy... BENJII YANG photo 4 (FREE) Bryson Tiller x Roddy...

NAquele sinal,
No dia de chuva.
NA pista a 90 por hora
Deus depois da curva,

by KONIG DREY 1 day ago

• imma pour one out for you dawg this is a hit •

by SXINT 4 days ago

anyone need give me tips to doing this youtube thing i need help benjii

by BERLY BEATS 4 days ago

very good, i already wrote a lot of lyrics using his beat, i'm brazil i wanted to get in touch with to know if he would produce a song for me !!

by EXTREZ PLAYS™ 3 days ago

Kut Klose🔥🔥🔥 I try to make all my shit sound like them and jodeci 😂😂

by optimisticescape1523 4 days ago

That gate effect on the sample adds such a nice spin to it

by scentless 3 days ago

Aye the drop is something else bro🔥🔥🔥💯respect

by Cxnessy 4 days ago

The bass is nice

by AC 4 days ago

interesting profile picture. like dammm...

by Greengrape 4 days ago

yo this a whole vibe bro 🔥🔥🔥

by So Scizza 4 days ago

Brings me a whole new vibe which I love 🧪

by Judit Ny 4 days ago

Again and again never misses 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🔥🔥

by Wesley Houston 4 days ago

Freestyled to this track and threw some bars, keep it up man 🙏

by Jay Aston 3 days ago

This a bop🔥💯

by fxntm. 4 days ago

❤️❤️ swishhhh

by D J 4 days ago

Please tell me the sample so I can write to it.

by Emanul Black 4 days ago

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