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Benny Soliven photo 1 DOES MY FAMILY LIKE ALONDRA... Benny Soliven photo 2 DOES MY FAMILY LIKE ALONDRA... Benny Soliven photo 3 DOES MY FAMILY LIKE ALONDRA... Benny Soliven photo 4 DOES MY FAMILY LIKE ALONDRA...

Bennys burrito is just standing there listening to the chisme like we are 😂😂😂😂

by Yatziri Zaragoza 6 days ago

alondra watching this like 👁👄👁 “lemme find out my suegra don’t like me “

by Ashley Cortes 4 days ago

“You had a large crowd” “HEY GUYS” “you’re mean” LOOOOOVE THAT

by Sandi Jasmine 5 days ago

Bennys mom is to funny “I can’t cry in front of grandma I got to be a strong bitch” lmao

by Lucy Vasquez 3 days ago

Me thinking why she called him Andy :
Benny: for those that don’t know why she’s calling me Andy...

by maricarmen esparza 5 days ago

Benny was so nervous that he forgot about that burrito 🌯 for a minute 😂 😭

by XLiz 6 days ago

Your sister is me hahaha “can you take a bite out of your burrito”

by Jojo Munoz 5 days ago

His mom really said “I gatta be a strong bitch” I adore her already 😂🥰

by Briana Roman 5 days ago

I died when he said " first of all ain't nobody pregnant" 😭😂😂😂

by Rachel Olivares 5 days ago

Why his mom seems that she doesn’t want grandkids lol like she seems annoyed about the question 🥺she dint even respond they cut it :(

by GISELA CZ 2 days ago

Lol when his mom said “she’s a lil shy a lil shy” it reminded me of my boyfriends mom. I’m sooo shy.

by Drea & Tri 3 days ago

Benny was like “HUH🤨” when his mom asked “what’s your body count” HAHAH.

by G 5 days ago

Bennys mom when she said “like girl you don’t need no more chicken” had me laughing hard 😂😂😂

by Maribeth Espinoza 5 days ago

“Baby lock them doors and TURN THE LIGHTS DOWN LOOOOW” lmfaaaaaaooooooo

by Juanita Lopez 4 days ago

Honestly your mama raised you so right benny’s in this world are so rare Alo is so lucky y to have you💗, props to your mom✨💗

by Evanely Fraire 6 days ago

Nobody at all:
Benny’s burrito: 👁👄👁

by Evelyn A. 5 days ago

How did he got his burrito to stand up like that 😂😂😂.

by Kensley Valcin 5 days ago

Ariana looks like an older version of Ronnie Bank’s daughter.

by Brenda H Perez 5 days ago

Every time I comment to Benny I always say “Andy” because if you’ve been watching since he was hitting the gym, Grandma just got me use to saying Andy lol

by Chios Chaos 6 days ago

Tell why when she said “about a week ago” I started singing the same song as Benny

by Tifany Chacaj 5 days ago

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