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Best Hitchslap Ever (Rare)

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Stop missing Hitchens, and become a Hitchens; Its what Hitchens would've wanted.

by Only Human 2 years ago

Hitchens has been a major influence in my abandonment of Islam, and together with brilliant scientists, he has inspired me to pursue a career in medicine and science, instead of becoming an imam.

I became MD recently, and am currently preparing for my residency in neurology and PhD in neuroscience.

Thank you HITCH!

by Apocalyptic Skepticus 10 months ago

"If you are ever invited to debate with Christopher Hitchens....decline" - RIchard Dawkins. Amen Richard.

by Matteoj 2 years ago

This Hitchslap is not rare - itโ€˜s well done.

by cosy murx 1 year ago

You know what makes Hitch different is that he has an almost infinite store of witticisms and anecdotes and he knows exactly, how to use them.

by Shubham Bhushan 3 years ago

That the Arab world got together to boycott the Danish economy is almost funny. Their major exports are beer and bacon. Good luck with that. :P

by Iain MacLennan 2 years ago

I would like to posthumously congratulate Mr. Hitchens for defending the international right of my own home-country, Denmark, to freedom of speech on the world stage.

by Sebastian Lund Nielsen 3 years ago

"If people are determined to be offended... there's nothing you can do about that."

More prophetic words were never spoken.

by oneeyednarn 1 year ago

haha, dude sitting next to him knew a hitch slap was coming and was smirking from the beginning.

by Doug Cassidy 2 years ago

Among Hitchens' many talents is his ability to convey just the right tone of disgust and contempt for the apologists for censorship and bullying he so frequently comes up against, all of them mental pygmies by comparison.

by chel3SEY 3 years ago

I read the title, and was shocked it wasn't clickbait. Come back to us Hitch.

by Heleve Joergon 3 years ago

As a Dane, Thank you Hitch.

by 1torock 3 years ago

Did Hitch actually drink water? No, it's got to be vodka.

by Jan Banan 3 years ago

I would step in the ring with a professional boxer before I'd ever even attempt to debate this mans genius.

by McLeod 3 years ago

Why is there even 2 sides to this debate. Do psychiatrists debate with their patients?

by The Atticus Finch 3 years ago

"When one person suffers from a delusion, it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called a Religion."
Robert M. Pirsig

by R 168 1 year ago

Poetry, pure eloquent poetry ...

by Jane - - - 3 years ago

Utterly brilliant Hitchens, and 110% on the money as always.
Offended my ass.

by gor265 3 years ago

Hitchens was wrong about there not being an afterlife...on YouTube, in videos like this, he is alive to me today as he ever was. When I miss him, I just come here for some "Hitch". He is immortal.

by Jeffrey Weekley 1 year ago

"โ€ฆa kristallnacht against Denmark put up by religious demagogues and thugs."
Pretty much sums everything on this issue.

by sweetsweatyfeet 1 year ago

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