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TOP 10 | Unbelievably LOW Voices in The Voice

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You won’t believe how deep these voices are!.
What’s your favorite performance? Let us know in the comments below👇
🚨 This video features the following performances, 00:00 Munkh-Erdene.I sings “Sixteen tons” by Merle Travis (Mongolia, 2018)
01:27 Mendeleyev sings “Girl From The North Country” by Bob Dylan (USA, 2019).
03:11 Wim van Gennip sings “Jealousy” by Frankie Miller (Belgium, 2019)
04:54 Valentin Stuff sings “Pull Marine” by Isabelle Adjani (France, 2017)
07:02 Vinchenzo sings “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran (Netherlands, 2016)
08:45 Жеко Жеков sings “Human” by Rag'n'Bone Man (Bulgaria, 2020)
10:37 Henry Olonga sings “This Is The Moment” by Anthony Warlow (Australia, 2019)
12:19 Роман Сасанчин sings “Luna Tu” by Alessandro Safina (Ukraine, 2020)
14:11 Alexander Eder sings “Your Man” by Josh Turner (Germany, 2018)
16:08 Igit sings “Fever” by Little Willie John (France, 2014)
🚨 Hashtags, #TheVoice #BlindAuditions #DeepVoice

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Best of The Voice photo 1 TOP 10 | Unbelievably LOW... Best of The Voice photo 2 TOP 10 | Unbelievably LOW... Best of The Voice photo 3 TOP 10 | Unbelievably LOW... Best of The Voice photo 4 TOP 10 | Unbelievably LOW...

first guy's voice so deep adele can't even roll in it.

by Eze Kiel 1 week ago


by Moon Knight 2 weeks ago


by Vanrey Mugot 1 week ago

the man who sang Jealousy is a natural rock star, his stance is manly, fit to the song and his voice.

by IZZ Idzkandar 1 week ago

The voice of the guy who sang This is the Moment, is so perfect for Disney Songs

by ᄋᄉᄋ마르타 2 weeks ago

The first guy is the only one with a really low voice.

by Eli Judkins 1 week ago

It’s so disappointing to me on shows like this when people with super- unique and beautiful voices are turned away because they aren’t “marketable” talents

by Sidney Scruggs 1 week ago

Sorry, but only first was a bass the rest sounded more baritone to me.

by Judy Haneji 1 week ago

The voice of Germany...when he started "baby lock them door and turn the lights down low" got me. Yes honey

by Tuimanu'a Toatelegese 1 week ago

Damn boy, that's a lot of testosterone

by Kyok Sabino 2 weeks ago

You need to learn the difference between low voices and dramatic voices.

by Katerina Kajevska 2 weeks ago

And of course the German judges are having more fun than all of us.

by Mitch Gibson 1 week ago

low tone voices are so underrated compared to high pitch notes but they are both pleasant to the ears

by Cleanthefryd Dagasen 2 weeks ago

It's crazy how the third one stands there singing like that-seems so incredibly effortless

by love yourself 1 week ago

That "jealousy" guy sounded like a record amaazing

by Dalia Mridikki 1 week ago

Bro the French dude singing 'pull marine' omg wtf???

by ZADDY ZAIN 2 weeks ago

I don’t understand why only one judge turned on the first French guy. He was amazing. That vocal control was sick!

by grandcarriage1 1 week ago

A singer who can hit a high note is not necessarily a good singer everyone can sing high note very well but to sing low and smooth is very rare and hard and requires a lot of practice and I personally prefer a deep voice.

by Feriel Feriel 1 week ago

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