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Chloe X Halle Virtual Performance Of “Forgive Me” & “Do It” | BET Awards 20

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Chloe X Halle are at it again with a virtual performance of their tracks “Forgive Me” and “Do It”! #BETAwards20 #ChloeXHalle #BETAwards #Chloe #Halle

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BETNetworks photo 1 Chloe X Halle Virtual Performance... BETNetworks photo 2 Chloe X Halle Virtual Performance... BETNetworks photo 3 Chloe X Halle Virtual Performance... BETNetworks photo 4 Chloe X Halle Virtual Performance...

These girls are no joke. That harmony, the runs, just everything!

by ATEEZ Going Global 22 hours ago

They slayed this but the suggested videos at the end has to go BET.

by SuperCrys 22 hours ago


by Terrick Arnold 22 hours ago

They better win for best group like damn these girls are so talented women

by Simply Nya 22 hours ago

BET can y’all take off the suggested vids at the end. I can’t see my right side with them boxes.

by Domonique Smith 22 hours ago

The Backyardigans: No one puts on a show in the backyard like us
Chloe x Halle: slays EVERY SINGLE quarantine performance they do
The Backyardigans: has left the chat

by Anaya Papaya 21 hours ago

notice Halle is doing lower notes too "Forgive me"
with high notes in "Do it"
its called range

by Locario Maulè 21 hours ago

I don’t think Halle’s eyes left the camera for one second😂

by Monica Thompson 22 hours ago

buying a house with a tennis court was probably the best investment they made in their entire life because look at all those impecable performances straight out of their own backyards


by Neto Ribeiro 22 hours ago

Another SLAM DUNK performance to bad Ms Tennis Court couldn’t be there 😔

by Ezekiel Morris 22 hours ago


by BaddieTwinz TV 21 hours ago

Just when I thought this performance couldn’t get any better. These girls just had a dance off with themselves my wig been snatched 😱😱

by Natalya Cole 22 hours ago

They really just decided to have a dance battle with themselves like that.

by Deyoncé W 19 hours ago

Who tf unliked my girls 👀😭😭 for those who did don’t understand FLAVOR....💖💖💖💖💖 I’m obsessed with CHOLE X HALLE 💯💯💯

by Paul Wright 21 hours ago

They may be the ones to bring r&b back. I haven’t heard anybody that can really sing in a long time. Chloe and Halle is the total package from their looks, talent, and class. 💯💯💯

by Cameron Jones 11 hours ago

The fact that they didn't get the best group award I-

by Mykela Brown 21 hours ago

I was not expecting that dance off between themselves

by Sanny 20 hours ago

I would rather BET Awards stay like this I feel like people are definitely getting more creative during quarantine.. I'm glad that I always saw the talent in these two girls

by Jules Perceval 20 hours ago

They are so talented! Love that they rock their natural locs.

by melancholysouls 22 hours ago

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